Herblore Rework

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With DXP upon us, it seems that everyone and their main are working on herblore. Rightfully so, as it is a tedious, expensive, and exhausting skill to train, especially for our IronMan counterparts.

However, with so much prep work involved in getting unfinished potions made in order to facilitate maximum xp gain during DXP, it begs the simple question:

Why does making (unf) potions give 1-2 xp while finishing the potion gives all the xp?

With fletching, creating an unstrung bow gives just as much of an xp gain as stringing one. Why can we not take this model and apply it to the Herblore skill? I suggest we give xp for both creating an (unf) potion as well as competing it with the tertiary ingredient. This gives people value for their time. As it stands, I am currently creating 25k+ (unf) potions for DXP and it seems that my time is wasted doing this when I could simply capitalize off of someone else's work by buying the (unf) potion first for little to no xp loss to myself. It appears to me that this system is broken, and is in need of a rework. ^_^

12-Feb-2018 16:45:41

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Making unfinished potions is profitable, while making finished potions typically costs money (unless you have the right potion and bonuses to make it break even/slightly profit). I don't really see a need to change that, as some skills can be different mechanically from others. > )
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12-Feb-2018 19:33:48

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