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So firstly let me just say you should take a look at the Divination skill and how Transmutation works. You might find out that it's pretty much what you were trying to do.

If you already know about Transmutation or don't think that it's similar, we could discuss further.

In general my perspective would be:

If I have steel bars and I have the level to smith mithril ones, I will sell my steel bars to buy mithril bars. Presumably someone out there will need my steel bars for their level so I should be able to get a fair price.

As such your concept of tiering upwards doesn't seem...needed to me? It basically already exists.

Also, isn't it just kinda lazy? If you can smith mithril then I have to assume you can mine it.

One more thing to add, the mining and smithing rework is going to shake things up quite a lot so I wouldn't invest too much into suggestions that involve the old ores, bars, levels, etc.

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Just wanted to chime in again before this thread is lost to the seas of time.

Although I am a high level as are Rikornak and Tenebri, it doesn't mean we have no clue what it's like to a low level. All three of us play on noob alternate accounts now and then and also mess around with Ironman mode to varying degrees. As such, I don't think that we come at the problem from so very different an angle as you may think we do.

When you've played the game basically start to finish you get a pretty decent idea of how things are balanced and what changes would cause problems at large scale. As Tenebri pointed out, what's to stop someone from using the spell to scale items from the very lowest tier all the way to the very highest? From what you've seemed to indicate, there isn't anything stopping someone doing that.

Anyway as has been said several times, Divination does attempt to do exactly what you seemed to be asking for at the first, which was a way to turn low level resources into higher level resources.

Ultimately I just don't want you to feel discouraged, I really appreciate people who put forward suggestion threads, but you have to be ready for some constructive feedback. Sometimes the idea has to be tweaked quite a lot before the public is going to give its approval. Don't lose heart, just try and find new things to suggest where you see a need, and who knows, you may discover a really good idea.


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