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would i be able to catch some shrimp. then convert repeat till its highest tier fish?

as stated already we do have divination with this feature.

the issue with this is it being too op. you say its more cost effective to do it this way. when if that is the case. whats stopping me buying 1m of x item. converting it. then re sellng it for loads of instant profit.

if its an action to save money by changing a item with just a spell then it wont be done for convenience. it will be done for profit.

the way items have there price now is from players choice. as to how difficult it is to get an item and its use. if its now made super easy just with a spell. that will have a huge impact on price with pretty much everything. especially if we could get lowest tier item (being super easy) first and convert it to highest tier (which is suppose to be really hard)

the way divination has done it has made the actual process very expensive. to keep it balanced and if thats the case with this spell too then we already have it.

i was thinking first it was turning items into its supplies converting it back to ore etc
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