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Hi everyone.....I've had an idea for a new spell that could potentially help most players. This is by no means the finished article as a suggestion and would definitely need work....but with the right advice and tweaks I think it could help most players and be potentially a big change.. Nevertheless, my new spell suggestion is **CONVERT**

Using the current low/high alchemy spell as a base model, my new spell is to be able to CONVERT a current item into a higher level item. There'd be restrictions obviously that will be explained further on, but that is my suggestion in essence.

Not all items make a profit when high alching. My suggestion is to try and remove this aspect and CONVERT items into something more useful, to be used for skilling or to sell/make money on 'junk'.

For example, if I wanted a better xp rate for smithing or more wonga…..I could use the CONVERT spell on 1k steel bars to create Mithril Bars. I could then smith the mith bar into items that can be high alched for a profit, or sell the bars. Its up to the player. The 'junk' in this case is the steel bars.

To reduce the jump in value from a steel bar to a mithril bar and to try and induce and promote the skilling aspect, the formula for the convert spell could be, in this case:

2 steel bars to 1 mithril bar (plus cost of runes to cast spell) - We could work together to create a fair formula.

Some players haven't got access to money to buy items to skill on, therefore, I believe my option of this new spell will give players a chance to upgrade their junk and make their junk useful and more valuable!

I know it's boxing day, and i'm a bit hungover, but it will be interesting to hear your thoughts over this. I literally thought this idea up over an hour, an hour ago, but with the right advice and tweaks I believe we can make this skill a big part of the game that could benefit everyone!

Anyway, It's only a suggestion, lets see how far it can go!

***Awaits getting shot to pieces***

26-Dec-2018 04:21:06



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Hi Kopaka,

Firstly I just want to say you have impressive stats!

Also, I only created this account on 1st December and not touched divination so i'll have to look into that.

Im putting forward a suggestion from a totally different perspective to someone as good as yourself . You have maxed out nearly every stat, so in a circumstance such as yours, I think its fair to say you're right when you say you don't need it. You probably have lots of money to do whatever you want when you want.

I think the major point in my suggestion is that this new spell could be devised to make use of every item in the game, potentially, and convert it into something useful.

I think you missed you point in the smithing example too. You say sell the steel bars and buy the mith bars, but steel is worth nearly 3 times less, so you wouldn't be able to buy as much mith bars. Maybe I never explained it well enough, however.

My suggestion could save time and is not limited to bars/ores. I would argue its not a 'lazy' option either. Look at trout. Raw trout cost near enough 4x the cooked trout. Instead of taking a huge hit selling the cooked trout for a big loss, this spell could convert it into a higher tier fish etc. It promotes skilling, reduces losses and should help everyone of all levels.

Remember im talking as a considerably lower player to yourself, and new to the game. I'll have to take a look into divination and the crossover you allude to.

I appreciate your points however. Like I said, it was only a suggestion and thank you for your reply.


26-Dec-2018 08:28:57



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Thank you for your replies, it appears my suggestion is a dying duck, on life support.

It appears the consensus is that divination is basically my idea (ive never used or trained divination)

I understand current market prices are dictated by player demand/supply. I also understand an item that has no xp gain anymore is of no use to a player.

Some prices of items are hugely disparaging. Raw trout = 139ea from memory. Cooked trout = 22ea

My idea could convert the 'useless' cooked trout into either a 1 level higher tier fish.

To prevent an easy profit making scheme, my idea could work like so. 6 cooked trout equal 1 raw trout with convert spell. so a 19gp 'profit'...hardly a money making opportunity and it makes use of a virtually useless item. Use this logic to balance out the price difference to a higher tier fish etc

Anyhow, as I said above, it appears divination is apparently this idea. Thanks for your all your replies, its' always my favourite part the feedback, good or bad :)

27-Dec-2018 04:31:37

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