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i really like the idea and would love to see something like this ingame
but i disagree about some of the specifics (tbh i didnt even read all of it because its just too specific, you even go on to explain how the first quest would go and the whole story of it. things i really think should have been left to the runescape devs)
i think making instraments should improve fletching experience instead of construction or crafting (tho pianos would still be construction, a flute is made the same as an arrow shaft. and stringed instraments are obviously fletching edit: maybe you craft the lute body and fletch the strings onto it like a bow. maybe the lute body gives fletching and crafting xp. or you fletch pieces and craft them together for the body)
and tuning the instrament has more to do with playing it than building it, so tuning should give music xp
maybe if you play a song it can have effects for nearby players. (like a song that doubles healing rate or gives ranged protection, similar to prayer bonuses, but for everyone but you)

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Loved the concept and sounds like it will be lots of fun. Even it could lead to potential future updates, like some sort of "Runescape folkloric instruments", depicting the variety of craftmanship and musical profusion among the different races of Gielinor. Elven instruments would be different from dwarven or trollish ones. What about mahjarrat, dragonkin or goblin musical tools and respective genres? Otherwordly beings must have some weird and amazing instruments! I bet vyres have some bloody impressive ways to make music. Maybe something Cradle of Filth would do. I don't know.

200% support to release music as a skill. It could lead to a lot of new, exciting content.

Let the music begin.
Once upon a time... inside the ubiquitious and baffling fog...

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