Cyber Dystopian Dungeon

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Invention has been a useful skill for sinking unwanted items for sought after components, increasing their value, and improving gear. But have you ever wondered... could it be taken too far?

New Cyber Dystopian Dungeon:

Location: Accessed through a portal in a locked room, connected to Oldaks room in Dorgeshuun.

Oldak only allows you in the room with the portal if you unlocked the entire Goblin/Dwarven tech tree in invention, as you "need a fair amount of invention knowledge to survive in there". Also requires Chosen Commander completion. Oldak charges you 5 tech tree currency per entry unless on a slayer task for "Augmented Army Minions"


According to Oldak, the dungeon is a manifestation of "Bando's Vision" of how he'd take invention to the extreme to augment his army, but because he's dumb and died before he could figure it out it never came to fruition. He created a portal to access this dungeon and allows aspiring inventors to defile Bandos envisioned horrid creations.


The dungeon appears to be a demolished world like Kethsi but with a lot of invention scrap.

Most of the dungeon consists of augmented versions of existing creatures composed of invention devices, enslaved with mind-control helmets to become "Augmented Army Minions"

Augmented Minions have twice health and deal 50% more damage than their normal counterparts, however they take 20% more damage from augmented weapons (40% dual-wield or 2h), while dealing 10% less damage to players for every augmented piece of armor they're wearing.

Augmented Defenders grant +10% more damage and 5% damage reduction being half weapon/shield.

When an Augmented Minion is defeated, it drops similar loot to its normal counterpart, but it falls to the ground like a Living Rock Creature. You can then "dismantle" its body to salvage it for invention parts, always 1-4 Cyber parts and 5 common parts or rarely an uncommon component.

Cyber Parts can be discovered in the Goblin Tech tree.
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Example creature:

Augmented Dark Beast: Appears covered in wires and amputated legs with a mind-control helmet. Has 17K HP and a max hit of 900, and similar drops to a regular Dark Beast.

When defeated, it collapses and you can dismantle it for parts.

New creature: Cybourg

At the deepest part of the dungeon, Cyborg Ourgs cry that they want to go back to being dead but Bandos wont allow it unless they die in battle. They appear heavily worn down with very little organic matter left aside from bones and horns, and have a laser cannon for one arm, with the other holding an axe.

They'll be pleased if you attack them, but they put up a tough fight.

They have around 100K LPs and have a slow attack speed, but a high max hit of 3K. They can use all combat styles, swinging their axe as melee, throwing it for ranged, or firing a electric bolt from their other arm as magic.

-Periodically uses the BGS special attack with its axe, creating a shockwave in the direction hes facing. Deals massive typeless damage and drains all cb stats. Can be avoided completely by moving out of the way.
-Every 20K HP lost, they gain a random "invention perk" for the rest of the fight. Its listed as a buff on the Cybourg.

They may get...

Precise: If the Cybourg misses they do half damage (like Durzag).

Venomblood: Cybourg gains poison immunity and attacks can do Kril Turoth level poison to players.

Biting: 20% chance anytime Cybourg hits you, it deals its max hit.

Inaccurate: Increases his own defense.

Absorbative: Gains 10% damage reduction.

Lunging: Sometimes applies a bleed effect to the player.

Crackling: Gains his own adrenaline bar that fills overtime. When full, deals 5K magic damage in a 3x3 area where the player is. Can be dodged.

It only gets up to 3 buffs per battle, so at 40K he gains 3 perks. At 20K, the Cybourg shouts "Prepare to be dismantled" and attacks faster but less accurate. Once defeated, can be dismantled for better parts than Augmented Minions.
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While Augmented Creatures drop mostly the same items as their normal counterparts and can be dismantled for some parts/components, Cyber components can be used to create new devices.

Cyber components can be used to make:

Dismantling Tool:

Created with 1,000 charges. While equipped, you have a reduced junk chance and increased chance of components when dismantling, but you dismantle items 20% slower. Recharged with Cyber components.


While in your inventory, dismantling food adds 10% of its heal amount to the Saturator, up to 20K. Every time you eat food, it heals 100 more and takes it from the Saturator.

Bank Stacker: Makes 0% charge Bank Standers stackable

Cyber Dismantle Enhancer:

Chance of additional drops from monsters in the Cyber Dystopian Dungeon, and consuming an enhancer.

While dismantling Augmented Army Minions, you may get divine charges, augmentors, or other devices in addition to the components and main drop at the cost of an enhancer.

If you have a Corrupt Defender on you or in your bank, you may get a Broken Barrier Projector. It can be turned into a Barrier Projector at the inventors table along with some components, then can be combined with weapons to create a special defender of a cb style.

Godsword Blade -> Cyborg Blocker (melee)
Abyssal Orb -> Cyborg Energizer (magic)
Armadyl Buckler -> Cyborg Pistol (ranged)

They look like an electronic dagger, battery, and cannon with an energy shield around it. On creation, they are pre-augmented and use divine charge (like Rod-o-matic)

Each are T74 and have T37 damage/armor value, but unlike other augmented defenders, they have TWO gizmo slots, making up for their lower tier, while keeping defender effects like +3% accuracy.

While you have a Cyborg defender, dismantling Cybourgs with drop enhancers may give you a Reinforced variant of a Projector Barrier. Combined with a PoP T85 off-hand creates a T84 variant of the Cyborg defenders.
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