ONLY delete in-game progress?

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in short: i'd like to keep my character but be able to delete all in-game progress and start all over again.

i've levelled up so much and done so many different things that the lack of goals to work at makes me a bit bored even though i still love playin RS.

and i don't want to abandon my current account to set up another to start over. (it would leave a lot of dead accounts floating around somewhere)

31-Aug-2019 07:56:44

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As always when people suggest something like this, I'd like to point out that there's a safer and overall more beneficial way to do this: allowing multiple characters to be made under one account. Currently, you can only have one character under one account, with separate save files for the two games, whereas for many other MMOs, by default you can have several characters under the same account free of charge. This way, not only would you be able to start from scratch without having to create another account, but you'd also be able to have multiple builds if that interested you.

(If you're wondering what I meant by "safer", in the case of a hijacker gaining access to your account, if the option to delete your entire in-game progress is given to you, the hijacker could grief you by deleting your progress, as it's not at all uncommon for hijackers to also cause unnecessary damage to their victims just for the fun of it. In comparison to the present, a hijacker cannot delete your skill levels (assuming you've permanently disabled stat resets in-game), quest completions, boss kc etc permanently bound stuff to your account, so even if you get hijacked, you'll retain some things of value regardless of if the hijacker was also a griefer or not.)
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31-Aug-2019 08:11:13

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As Blackwing says, this would cause a lot of grief if one’s account gets compromised. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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