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Hi, just thought of a possibly good idea, so thought I would share.

It has been long due.

A Friends List Update, I was thinking a "Status" or a possible "Broadcast to all Friends" Button, which we could update/send out the information that we are looking for a +1 to ED's or A boss we plan on heading to!

Another idea could be if you are going away for a few days and just want to let everyone know, they would be able to share that efficiently, if wanting to.

There are all sorts of helpful things everyone could say to all of their friends at once.

Mainly the reason is to reach out to all my friends and let them know I am looking to boss. Would be great to hover over my friends and find out they are available to invite, or if they are "
", or "
" Or "
"(Which could be added to a dropdown list of current online status.)

Would be a really neat idea, and if you guys think it's a good idea, please leave a message! Let me know what you think should be added if I have missed anything!

Thanks for spending the time to check this out.
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^^^ All these signatures seem to have something in common...

Could be handy to see if your friend is capable of chatting with you or too busy dying at a boss.
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