Construction in the Overworld!

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In general, I feel like currently Construction is a pretty unattractive skill to train. It's expensive, you can't really make money back from it, and even when you've got that awesome house that you're proud of, only the people you invite there will see it.

The solution? Create plots of land all over the world that players can lease to build their homes on! Anything from a small lot overlooking Varrock plaza to a 7x7 swath of land in the Kharidian desert!

So with that elevator pitch out of the way, here's my thoughts on some specific details:

* Plots would be placed and created by Jagex, I'm not suggesting players be allowed to build their house anywhere they want

* Each piece of land would have a recurring cost (either weekly or monthly) based on how big or well placed the land is. A small plot out in the middle of nowhere might not cost much, but a bigger plot close to (or inside) a big city could be very expensive! This also serves to clear out inactive players if they miss the payments, freeing up the land to be taken by another player.

* Plots would exist on a world by world basis - one player could own a plot on world 98 and have their house there, another could own the same plot of land on world 100, and so on. This could even factor into the lease cost, because owning a house on World 1 or 2 would likely be much more desirable than owning the same house on World 137.

* In addition to full plots of land, there could also be apartment complexes in big cities like Varrock, Lumbridge, Ardougne, and so on. These would house more players in a small area, at the cost of having a much smaller area to work with - likely only two or three rooms per apartment.

* Players would be able to designate who can enter their house while they aren't there (or even online). This could for example be implemented as "Public / Friends / Whitelist / Blacklist / None". This lets other players see your handiwork all the time instead of only when you're around!

15-Sep-2019 16:54:59

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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The world is already quite full already, and I bet there will be many players who would want a piece of land but won't be able to get it due to the fierce competition. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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I honestly love the idea, but unfortunately it just wouldn't work. As abbot mentioned, the world is already uber full of content, where would they even fit these plots without removing things vital to quests, or skilling, etc? Then there's also games like Final Fantasy 14 you have to look at, where, despite having thousands upon thousands of land plots in instanced housing zones, you just can't make enough instances to satisfy the player base. And given the limited assets the game has, I don't think an instanced zone for player housing you can simply wander into would even be feasible.

Maybe if they cut the crap and bring the game up to 64 bit, and revamp the engine again, it might be possible. However right now, I really don't see how it would work.

Soooo... Tentative support, but only if it wouldn't break the game or require the removal of any other content.

23-Sep-2019 22:53:49

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