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A  Cole

A  Cole

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Whilst I am against rule breaking of any kind, I do believe that there is an element of character building when you are on the receiving end of such things. There are certain lessons that are learnt when you have been scammed, for example, which I believe are best learnt in a virtual environment than out in the real world.

For this reason, I'm against the total eradication of scamming, etc. However, any reduction in such activities would still be desirable.

You also have to consider that some players do learn their lesson and understand that their previous actions were a mistake. A permanent ban on their trading ability would mean they are being punished for life. A more suitable action would be limited time bans, such as one month for the first offence, up to possibly a year for a third offence. This would have a similar affect to which you are suggesting, as well as giving people a chance to learn from their mistakes.

After all, what's to stop them from creating alternative accounts?


08-Jul-2017 21:56:23

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