Economy and equipment improv.

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Teo l3git

Teo l3git

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1) Balance manufacturing and usage levels
an. An arrow capable of ranged combat level 50 must have the production requirement 50 bow and arrow
B. The same logic is for magic equipment.

2) With topic 1 working, equipment with level 70+ would degrade, and be fixed with the same material that was created, not just not “BoB”, generating:
an. Things like this are collected by lower level players, and sold to higher level players, spinning the economy further.

B. To the replacement, in the money has been necessary in the money to money.

3) Balance of weapon and armor attributes
an. With a level 90 weapons and armor installation, with loaded materials, equipment such as Sirenic, novices, malefic and others would be undervalued, thus seriously necessary to set up improvements, leaving them +1, +2 for example among others. .

4) Level up of creatures / bosses
an. With the 90 items, with the existing features in order to make the game and the features to do anything, aiming to make the game and make the investment in time and money without refinement of existing equipment current, that this my idea, change be improved.

There are few ideas, which can be refined thousands of times, but this is very important, there is a bit of interest, I can figure out the background, and I am sure that these and other improvements greatly balance the game's economy as well as its gameplay.

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08-Aug-2019 20:44:06

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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I only understand the first suggestion, and that is something Jagex probably will do later on. The Mining & Smithing rework changed a lot, and they're still looking how well it worked out before rebalancing the other skills to match M&S. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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