Fair deaths for HCIMs

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reposting suggestion from reddit that I happen to agree with. Learned about this mechanic today (mind blown).

In the current state of the game, when a normal player (including regular ironmen) dies, they get sent to Death's office, where their items are held and can be reclaimed for a fee.

When a Hardcore Ironman dies, all their items are dropped to the floor and they're sent back to their spawn point (no Death's office, no items held). In addition, they lose one of their stored "lives" and potentially lose their Hardcore status.

I can't honestly see many justifiable reasons why a Hardcore Ironman's death should be treated differently from a normal ironman's death aside from the fact that they lose a "life" and potentially their status. HCIM should be sent to Death's office and have their items saved for them when they die.

I don't think this will affect the integrity of the game mode whatsoever. The prestige of the Hardcore Ironman status is in having never died, so I don't see why it should matter if a player keeps their items on death, since their status is lost regardless.

At the current moment, it's a very common phenomenon for high level hardcore ironmen to intentionally suicide their accounts so they can do PVM without the fear of losing their items. I mean, just let that sink in for a second. People playing a game mode where the intent is not to die are intentionally killing themselves just to avoid losing their items.

Regular ironmen don't lose their items on death, so it's not as though having to re-earn all your high level gear (which is extremely difficult to do in the first place) 3 or 4 times is an integral part of ironman game play. It's just an unnecessary, unfun mechanic.

This is the exact reason why most hcim just kill themselves with no items equipped once they reach end-game.

This is not documented anyhwere btw. fix pls!

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I agree that this is a bit silly. If this was intentional I fail to see why.

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