Rs3 agility rooftops

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24-Aug-2019 10:34:30

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The reason I’ll support this is because I think diversifying skilling is a good idea. If we did rooftop agility courses there’d need to be some sort of gimmick that would make them useful without rendering other courses obsolete or being dead content on release.

I think a good example is the Hefin & Anachronia agility courses. Anachronia offers better xp and you are inadvertently making money (surge codex) brute Heflin is easier and requires far less concentration.

Perhaps, the first 20 laps at a rooftop agility course can yield better experience than its counterparts? Then afterward having negated experience?

Maybe the can reward you with silverhawk Feather?

Support if it works something like that. Otherwise, as the others pointed out it’s not really needed.
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24-Aug-2019 15:15:27

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Gwyndolynn said:

Maybe the can reward you with silverhawk Feather?

I don't think crashing a useful item is the best of ideas.

So its probably best to do sh down as they're untradeable.
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