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Soul Shifter
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Soul Shifter

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There is a useless drop in GWD2 once you have max reputation, the seals. What if you can purchase things with those seals. I was thinking about being able to buy consumables that could be exchanged on the G.E. just to ensure there isn't anymore dead content. Some suggestions to ensure this would be something that could significantly help with the boss fights in GWD2, to make people actually want to pick up the seals. Another one, maybe something to increase stone spirit drop quantity, so seals would be worth while to pick up, again. In general, things like that, things that make you want to pick up the seals.

(I have loads of seals in my bank btw)

01-Sep-2019 22:36:25

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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People complain about stone spirits already, having the seals increase the stone spirit quantity isn't going to help that problem. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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02-Sep-2019 11:08:35

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Stone spirits have a floor value so increasing the quantity could resolve the problem, if the quantity is increased enough.

There are far better options though, such as luck enhancers, new invention perks etc.
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02-Sep-2019 12:50:24

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