Regain Control: In-Game Polls

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Nox Raijin
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Nox Raijin

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Start using the polling system more. One way you can do that and combat where information is being discussed instead of your official platform is by using the in-game polls on things mentioned in Reddit/Discord.

Why is this useful?

It would be interesting and more useful to put any suggestions you guys are discussing in Reddit and Discord up on there to see what the community thinks about an update. It would also make use of a system that you guys implemented for this very reason.

How can this work, potentially?

The in-game polls are very rarely used and that is very disappointing considering it's potential. You may need to even rework the polling system a little bit to get it working the way you want it. Mention that there is a poll on login or have a splash screen stating that there is a poll (with a toggle of course). Also, take advantage of the tiers system you made for it (ruby, dragonstone, etc etc). It obviously is not going to get much traction until you start using it for about a year instead of putting things on Reddit or Discord, but eventually, people will realize where they can go to vote on ideas. Suggestions can still be made on both other platforms, but the real decisions/feedback can move to the polls where they are meant to be, not from the minority that sees your discussions on Discord or threads on Reddit.


This puts the power back to all active players of the community rather than just a few hardcore members of the community that roam the Discord chats/Reddit discussions at the right times. It would also hopefully avoid misinformation given to the community from players or JMods alike. JMods should only be able to discuss what has already been discussed, and I am sure they are tired of dealing with the blowback of the community when something isn't done the way discord discussions went.

04-Sep-2019 12:33:12

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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I agree.
Maybe not a splash screen at login, some flashing of the community button or a chatbox message is less obnoxious.
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04-Sep-2019 19:56:48

Nex is Life
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Nex is Life

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Far fewer terrible updates would have come round if we had a system like OS were everything has to be polled bart integrity - just lower than the 75% threshold they have You'll get it when you deserve it.

04-Sep-2019 22:26:36

Nox Raijin
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Nox Raijin

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I can agree with that Kings Abbot. Sounds fair. And yeah Nex is Life, I believe 65% is enough of a threshold to cover most of the community. I really just want to make Jagex's life easier along with ours. This will help bring the community and Jagex back together. It would serve as a reminder that updates made and/or prioritized were made by us, not Jagex. The fault would be on the community if there was a bad update. But with 65% of the community agreeing on an update, that is less likely to be the case.

This is not to say that EVERYTHING should be polled, but no more surprises. Let us KNOW what we are getting. Tell us the backlog and let US choose what comes out. Obviously, there are things the community shouldn't have a say over, but some things need to be in the hands of the community. Who knows what the community wants more than the community itself?

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