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Yandere Kami
Oct Member 2019

Yandere Kami

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Okay, so we can have multiple items in-progress in our inventory...but.. it takes forever to set up your inventory because you have to do each spot separately.(Click forge, click begin project, click forge again, click begin project again - rinse and repeat.). It's very tedious. Can't we have a 'Make 'X'' function so we can fill our inventories with them at once?

27-Jul-2019 01:56:54

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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27-Jul-2019 14:08:31

Jun Member 2018


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all the left click (open smithing interface) space bar ...repeat gets old

just let us start 10 or 27 in one go even if it is slower then we can do it clicking would be better.

the smithing interface is the odd man out Y Y Y!!!!!

28-Jul-2019 14:38:54

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