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=== AoD Teams===

AoD Teams has been the largest and most successful community for slaying Angel of Death from release until March 20th 2017.

The mission of the FC was to allow a peaceful and friendly environment where learning the mechanics of the boss. EVERYONE has been able to get successful kills.

In order to achieve the result above, FC was created with a lot of rules, that effectively prevented scamming and participation of trolls and toxic people to the FC itself.

Over time, with an increased knowledge of the boss mechanics, it appeared that the community didn't like those rules, that were specifically aiming to prevent elitism.

Over 90 trolls and toxic people were banned, and this led to continuous flaming and attacks towards me, in game and in social network, which became unbearable over time.

I would like to thank you all people that helped running such a successful FC and I also thank them for their support over time. Thanks friends, it has been a great adventure together.

This FC is still open, but access is limited to a small number of friends carefully selected.

Please do not make the mistake to join a FC with a very similar name :)

With my best regards,


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