Solak FC

Quick find code: 194-195-738-66007308



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Player name: Kakamile
Combat level: Comp
Herblore, prayer and summoning level: 99
Have you read all rules and follow them? Yes
How did you find the FC? Reddit =/
Will you join the FC Discord? Already did

List T80-T90 Armour(s)
Melee: aug malev,aug zaros anima,aug achto tera
Range: aug sirenic,aug pernix,nm,aug achto temp
Mage: aug tectonic,aug virtus,aug achto prim

List T90-T92 Weapon(s)
Melee: aug scythe,aug drys
Range: aug ruby ascs
Mage: aug seismics,aug imp core

Roles you can do at the bosses listed below and your Kill counts;
- Nex; Angel of Death: chin/ent 2682
- Vorago: dps/tl5/base 280
- Beastmaster Durzag: pet/dps/base 526
- Yakamaru: nt/sh10/pt/dps/base 594
- Telos (+ highest Enrage %): 20 84

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