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Welcome to Aod Btw.

The theme is simple. A discord & fc to host or join skillful 7-man Nex: Aod teams.

No scamming, Scamming will result in an instant ban with proper proof. Proof must be pmed to an online member of staff or myself.

No flaming or disrespecting people in the fc - No personal grudges No bullshit.

This is not a learners discord/fc period. We do not take learners. We expect the highest competency.

Respect everyone. The ethical environment will be highly appreciated.

When advertising a team clearly state what you are looking for ie Aod +Base/Mt/FreeChin/B1/B2/Hammer/Freemage.

The ranking system within the fc is dependant on Experience, Skill, Competency, Attitude, Availability.

All unique drops are to be split unless an agreement is made between team members and proof of it is posted on the respective discord channel i/e "ffak-posts' failure to announce free for all keeps and getting consent will automatically make it a free for all split group.

If you are new to the fc/discord , ask a captain+ within the fc for trials, after successfully passing the trial, getting a vouch, you will be given rank in the fc to form/join teams.

The fc and discord are made for all of you to enjoy as well as take care of in every ethical way there is to Aod. Everyone is responsible for polishing it and its reputation with time. The main purpose is to bring everyone together to find capable and friendly players to go with.

FC: Aod Btw

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• All Jagex's rules apply

• A good temper, willingness to learn from constructive criticism

• Joining our discord server is Mandatory

• Your Examine must be set to Anybody during trips within the Friendschat, failure to comply will result in a warning then a kick if nothing changes

• The general split Etiquette of the friends Chat is Ffas, meaning all uniques are to be split unless otherwise stated and confirmed ( with screenshot evidence of confirmation posted on the designated channel on discord)

• Promoting other FC's or discord channels in our FC or Channel is prohibited and will result in a kick.

• If you join a team/ host one make sure you stay until the end if you have any issues make sure you let a ranked know.

• Do not be rude towards other fellow team members. If you feel like they are unworthy let a ranked know. We will take care of it. Heavy flaming will result in a warning ban of 3 days.

•Heavy flaming after a warning will result in a perm ban for 'Toxic'' behavior.

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Gear requirements:

Damage Dealing Roles:


Mage: Tectonic > Superior Zuriels >Virtus/Gwds2
Ranged; Sirenic > Superior Morrigans > Pernix/Gwds 2
Melee; Malevolent > Superior Vestas/Statius > Torva/Gwds 2
*All armour has to be augmented with the corrected perks mentioned below


Mage: Staff off Sliske > Dual Praesuls > Noxious staff > Dual Seismics
Ranged: Dual ascensions > Seren Godbow > Noxious longbow
Melee: Zaros Godsword( Mandatory to have) > Khopeshes > Noxious Scythe > dual drygores


Amulet of Souls (or) Reaper necklace > ( Dragonrider switch optional )

Invention perks:

Armour Perks:
Enhanced Devoted 3, biting 3, impatient 3, Crackling 3

Weapon Perks:
•Aftershock 3, Precise 5/P3e2/P4E2 (This will be on your primary Tier 90+ weapon)
•Planted feet switch +Aftershock 1 (Tier 70+ secondary weapon as a switch)
•T85 + Flanking 3 Switch


• Sharpshooter
• Runic Accuracy
• Berserker
• Reckless
• Maniacal

Miscellaneous Items
(Useful but are not mandatory to have):
•Superior Statius's Warhammer (Mandatory for the hammer role to have)
•Guthix Staff (Mandatory for Solo Base role)
•Illuminated Godbooks
•Enhanced Excalibur


•Titan / Nihil
•Solo Base Role is permited to use Yak / Mammoth

Having level 99 in the following skills is a requirement to be accepted into this Friendchat:

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Requirements prior to trial:

1. 200+ Aod KC
2. Supreme overloads
3. Prayer level (95+)
4. Familiar (Titan/Nihil)
5. Gear (T80+ aug armour, T90+ aug weapon, Mech Chins, SoG& Entangle)
6. Can only contest world if PING is more than 300.

Passing a Dummy-Gem Trials, rules are as follows:
-Examine should be on during this trial
-Provide your own Gem
-Pocket slot ( Unactivated Godbook only)
-No Auras
-No Sigil
-No Familiar
-No Weapon Poison OR Cinderbane gloves
-100% adrenaline start
-You use the north dummies at Lumbridge for the trial with the setting of 1-1-3
-For range trials, Enchanted bolts are NOT allowed.
-Vulnerability is no longer allowed for use during the trial
-You are expected to be able to score a minimum of 800k in 5 minutes

Requirements for Trial:
1. Good Positioning
2. Tanking Fumus minion
3. Dps Gem: 3.25m-3.5m gem (30 mins). Pass/fail at admin's discretion.
4. Stall adrenaline between kills + decent banking time.
5. Entangle (Umbra): Vulnerability & staff of guthix for both AoD and pillars.
6. Chinner, decimate or chinchompas.

Execution of mechanics:
1. Appropriate placement of red bombs.
2. Reavers. Ranger&Mager: Stun/Voke.
3. No shield camping, especially while tanking minions.
4. Only freedom for Ice/lines with a minion.
5. Appropriate smoke lines placement. (call/type N/E & place properly)
6. Run all Pools after minions, except when onslaught.
7. Mid-Lure
8. Appropriate marked bomb placement

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Ranking System:

Tags will be assigned to players on discord specifying the role that one has been trialed for or seen to be able to competently perform as per the FC's standards and rules.

Smiley: meets initial gear, level, kc and dummy DPS requirements. Forum application accepted. Ready for an AOD trial conducted by an Admin in the fc or discord.

Recruit: passed a trial a competent entangler/chinner/hammer; passing all expectations for mechanics and damage in a full hour of Nex: Angel of Death encounter

Sergeant: Competently trialed in a secondary role that they are capable of fluently performing along with entangler role.

----Under Construction---

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Application Form Template:

Contact one of the General+ in the Fc to discuss your application.

-Display Name:
-Do you meet gear & level requirements?
-Are you willing to follow the rules?:
-Which roles are you capable of fluently doing at AOD?
-Provide a gyazo screenshot of all your quick-chat kc in a group chat. Ensure it's in a single screenshot. Provide a screenshot of your kill count of the following boss encounters:
Nex - Angel of death, Arraxor, Vorago, Vorago HM, Telos (highest enrage included), Raids (Yakamaru/Beastmaster), Normal nex:

Please provide gyazo Screenshots of the following perks (Your RSN must be visible or your application will be ignored):

Planted feet + aftershock 1:

Crackling 3 -Inpatient 3 - biting3 - Enhanced Devoted 3:`

Aftershock 3 + precise gizmo (P4E2, P3E2, P5):

Your full AoD preset for the role you are applying for (showing supreme overload)

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