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-Display Name: Kakamile
-Do you meet gear & level requirements? Yes
-Are you willing to follow the rules?: Yes
-Which roles are you capable of fluently doing at AOD? ent/chin
-Provide a gyazo screenshot of all your quick-chat kc in a group chat. Ensure it's in a single screenshot. Provide a screenshot of your kill count of the following boss encounters:
Nex - Angel of death, Arraxor, Vorago, Vorago HM, Telos (highest enrage included), Raids (Yakamaru/Beastmaster), Normal nex:

Please provide gyazo Screenshots of the following perks (Your RSN must be visible or your application will be ignored):

Planted feet + aftershock 1:

Crackling 3 -Inpatient 3 - biting3 - Enhanced Devoted 3:

Aftershock 3 + precise gizmo (P4E2, P3E2, P5):

Your full AoD preset for the role you are applying for:

29-Mar-2018 22:34:08

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