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Hey add me : Chizzels ingame if you would like to buy some leveling boosts for combat in dungeons or tokens..maybe even final boss kills!? I do elite dungeons with a passion. + i love having someone with me! I also love helping players who are really interested in learning rotations and mechanics! (i would never say no to a discord call) i have over 500 elite dungeon runs. Pm me in game (Chizzels) or on discord! (Chizzels#6390)

i use t92 melee armor with scythe and drygores + the mutated abilities

i have a ton of fun doing it + a ton of experience.

ed1 : 1st room only token farm is 10m gp / hour. (100-225k dung tokens, 500k-1.4m Combat exp. and some dung exp)

ed2/ed3. just tell me howmany runs you will need. and we will make a price. (propably around 10m/hour aswell.. unless you only need 1 kill :) )

yours truly,

Just have fun.. who cares about finishing stuff 2hours faster X)

05-Jul-2019 05:25:58

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Try the teamwork section or hop in a few clans as guest and ask if someone is interested, am sure that there are willing to learn. Also, the Mutated barge drop we got yest was very welcome. ;) (sadly I already had it on my droplog :( ) Hello Moto

05-Jul-2019 10:19:48

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