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Hi all,
There's a saying that goes "All good things must come to an end".
It is with this in mind that I must let you all know we are discontinuing the Gielinor Globe - our monthly community newsletter that has been running for the past couple of years.
It's essentially run its course in terms of what we felt we were able to achieve with it - a lot has happened since we started the Globe, including a great increase in our understanding and usage of social media. We would urge you to join our official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest news as it happens - in many ways this is more immediate, engaging and enjoyable than catching up on a monthly summary after the fact.
We're also looking at branching out into regular video updates - again these will be taking the place of some of the newsletter contents (and more besides), but presented in a way that is much fresher.
Naturally we do also hope you'll stick with us here on the official RS Forums - we will be finding ways to refresh and reinvent some of the Globe's best features. (For example, we will continue to feature creative submissions such as short stories and artworks from our players - they will just be in their own thread rather than being part of the Globe).
The Caption and Quiz Quest competitions are also being discontinued in their current form - but again, we will continue to run a variety of competitions both here in the Community Home forum, and across other platforms such as social networks and even the main RuneScape homepage.
Thanks for reading the Gielinor Globe! <3

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I always had a read from the Gielinor Globe. Loved it. It's sad to see it go though... I'll keep up with the RS Facebook channel and I'll also be looking forward to more vids on Youtube from now on

29-Feb-2012 17:59:48



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--This is not wonderful news--
Have a nice day,
Edit: I did not know what this caption competitions had ended :(... It is Not so wonderful... When I read this I was in a rush so I will hide my 1st post and change it with this...
This is really terrible that those competitions was discontinued I really love the captions contest it was wonderful :(...
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