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Guess the number to win!

Rune Scimitars!

During the week any number of prizes are going to be won by the lucky players of RuneScape. To top it off we are giving you all a chance to win some IRL goodies from the Jagex store! All you need to do is guess the number of Rune Scimitars that were won and claimed last week, so the 5th to the 11th March. Post your guess here or press the red shiny button below to send us an e-mail, make sure to include your username if sending an e-mail!

  • You may only make one guess per account! Any accounts that post or send in multiple guesses will be disqualified, this includes one guess on the thread and one by e-mail

  • You may edit your guess right up until the deadline but if it is changed after that it will be discounted

  • The player whose guess is closest to the figure will win £50 worth of store credit

  • In the event that more than one player posts a winning guess each player will receive store credit

  • If a player guesses the number exactly then they will also win some signed Squeal of Fortune concept art

  • All guesses must be made by 23:59GMT on the 18th March

Good luck!

All Jagex competition terms and conditions apply.

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First ! lol
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Mod Kathy

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Remember this is rune scimitars won over the week across our entire player base. Think bigger! ^_^

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