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Mod Seven

Mod Seven

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Entries for this competition are now closed (as of 23:59GMT on the 18th March).
I will lock this one up for now, Mod Kathy will be checking the entries when she arrives in the morning. :)
Good luck everyone!

19-Mar-2012 01:44:23

Mod Kathy

Mod Kathy

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Hi everyone,
I can now announce the number of Rune Scimitars claimed and the player who made the closest guess. :D
The number of Rune Scimitars won and claimed was: 32342.
The winner with a guess of 32,394 was DeviousMUD. Congratulations! You will soon be receiving £50 worth of store credit. :D
Thanks to everyone for taking part. Keep an eye out for future competitions.

19-Mar-2012 16:10:50 - Last edited on 19-Mar-2012 16:11:06 by Mod Kathy

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