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Ariane spoke about some stuff which may lead to a sequel to the Rune mysteries/mechanics quest. Can you share anything on that or is that for other Q&As? Maxed Zarosian skiller & quester

13-Apr-2012 22:24:44

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Hello dear Mods! I have three questions for you today.

1. Why are you introducing microtransaction in the wrong way to the game? You have upset alot of players. If you were to introduce microtransactions more proper such mayby boosts, exlusive armor (with actual stats) and such. Personally at first I did not really care about SoF but allowing people to buy Spins is just wrong. I like the idea of quests will soon enough give tickets as rewards but buying is wrong since you've added lamps. This is actually encouraging gambling for real money and can be seen wrong.

2. How many are working on reworking runescape at the moment? As a long term player I am partially disapointed that runescape has major parts broken. I would like to see a redo in most stuff. I know Andrew worked very hard on making the new graphic textures for runescape 2, could we see a faster rework? I really like what you did with march, you had two updates every week. Now that GW2 is soon coming I will play it alot more than runescape. I really want to see if runescape is actually planning to lean somewhere. Skilling is what makes runescape unique. I would like to see combat fixed. Fixed and better specials, not too common stuff (I mean range is the cheapest equipment..), dynamic combat perhaps and so on. Could you enlighten me on anything or tell me what you think on what I ask or suggest?

3. Will there ever be a client like zybes Swiftkit? I find that program very useful and I think Jagex should make an official one, If not, why?

Thanks! Android :-)

13-Apr-2012 22:24:53

Mod Jane

Mod Jane

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They guys are still trying to get more questions answered, but for now here is where we will wrap it up for now.

I hope you managed to get your questions answered, if not, there will be more Q&A's coming up.

On Monday I will attempt to collect all the answers from both Q&A's tonight and get them into one thread to make it easier to read.

But for now.. thank you for all your questions and on behalf of everyone here..

... you've all been awesome, have a great night/day!
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13-Apr-2012 23:17:18

Mod Pi

Mod Pi

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Okay, sleepy times for Mod Pi now. I hope I answered enough of your questions to get you wanting to play the runespan!

G'nite everybody!

High-five! _/ \_
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13-Apr-2012 23:31:22

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