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Mod Giragast

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Alicy: How can we expect the final secrets of Daemonheim (Bilrach's death?) to be revealed? Will it be through Fremmenik Sagas, Quests or more journals we pick up? Also will Quest Lovers (Quest Clan Members, Quest Forum Helpers, Quest Cape Owners etc) ever be able to have more input in quests, even if it is just suggestions?
Oooh so many secrets I can't tell! Do not fear, all will be revealed with regards to Bilrach - we'll find out more about him during the upcoming Sagas but the story does not end here for him or Daemonheim.
We're always paying attention to the forums and what all you guys have to say, whether it be suggestions for quests , gameplay ideas or anything else. There's plenty there we take note of, especially to find out what you guys love the most, so keep it up :)
Nemokins: Great job on the Pit D&D! Its fantastic.
Nemokins: My question is concerning the new fremnick saga though, are these leading anywhere? My interest in lore isn't exactly much unless it concerns something like the penguins, so will we see a decent reward from these other than experience? (the reward doesn't necessarily have to be from the next immediate saga, but the sagas in general).
This time around there are two sagas, one continuing the adventures of Thok, and the other dealing more closely with the existing Daemonheim lore. Expect this storyline to continue after the sagas, and a little beefing up of the rewards for playing sagas multiple times.
You Fail Bud: [saga rewards in/out of Daemonheim]
These have been discussed and we have a few great novelty and functional item ideas, however for the moment we're keeping those close to our chests.
You Fail Bud: Is the f61 saga being planned/developed? Or is f61 going to be an actual floor?
I can't wait to find out too ;)
Two sagas this time! Expect them to be a little longer than the previous ones too. Requirements will be announced closer to the release date.

13-Apr-2012 20:17:26

Mod Giragast

Mod Giragast

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RNA_TheRock: Will everything and everyone by which I mean the characters and certain puzzles have voices added to them in the Fremmink Saga II? For example when Thok was talking to the prayer door?
Not this time around, FremSaga2 had already started development when we started to look more closely at including voice audio as a standard quest feature. Maybe next time!
Im Caroline: [Grondaban]
Im Caroline: Can you share some of Marm & Thok's secrets with me? I wanna know how to get to f61 without dying in a month
Sure! Firstly, you need to
Thok: ...
...actually nevermind.
Mime: Nice wolf... *pats head*
Mime: Will we see a Warped floor saga?
Yes :)
Mime: What does Giragast mean?!
It's from a book by my favourite author, David Gemmell - Legend of Deathwalker.
Diehunted: How is the life of a Content Develepor? Like does it make the job more harder when you are being pressure to finish the content as quick as possible?
We're given just the right amount of time we need to create the content we come up with, as well as having some awesome editors and design leads to make sure the stories we make are as good as we can make them. I love the work, I just pile on more and more awesome ideas - it's a great challenge and extremely rewarding!

13-Apr-2012 20:29:34

Mod Giragast

Mod Giragast

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Vayne Novus: will the new sagas tie in with the upcoming floor 61 of Dg, the Zamorak final boss etc we heard of at runefest?
Yes. :)
Jchaplin2: in the latest teaser we see 2 mahjarrat and what seems to me moia(?) is this part of the sagas or am i gonna get a "no comment"?
You're gonna get a "no comment."
No comment.
Airs: Is Moia Lucien's daughter? What's her relation to Lucien?
You'll have to play the Sagas to find that out!
Airs: And... *deep breath* Did I kill Bilrach?
Deep down inside, we all killed Bilrach. But you in particular. Nice going.

13-Apr-2012 20:34:42

Mod Giragast

Mod Giragast

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Wahisietel: Will the new Sagas be for the Occult and Warped floors, or will both be Occult?
The Sagas are little different this time around, one of them visits quite a few interesting places.
How did Scrambles get past the River Salve? And why is he hanging around with a smelly old goblin?
He wants to know that too! It's not often you wake up in a cave with a cigar-smoking goblin looming over you, saying "Sorry, I thought you were sheeps..."
Leonive: Will the new Fremmy sagas be added onto Completionist Cape requirements?
To enlight: Can we expect sagas to be related with tasks?
There are no plans for this at the moment.
To enlight: Are all werewolves Zamorakians?
Only the ones who praise him.
DontdotheDew: [headbutt]
Thok wouldn't be Thok without it!
DontdotheDew: [Moia]
Far too early to reveal that sort of thing! She does have a history though :)
Weesliske: When making sagas do you find it hard to come up with content that is not just solo dungeoneering with a slightly OP character with some lore just tacked on?
A very interesting question. At the beginning of the FremSaga2 project there was a lot of discussion with Mod Raven (who was behind FremSaga1) about his thoughts on where the Sagas should head, and he gave me some very fine advice: What's important is the emotion you want to convey, the story and the characters will come naturally from that.
For these Sagas, Moia became the direct result of that advice: hopefully she'll be a useful character to bolster the existing Daemonheim lore and get you guys excited for Floor 61. Thok has been a complete blast, there's been a lot of good feedback from it around the teams!

13-Apr-2012 20:49:44

Mod Giragast

Mod Giragast

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Zayelion: Are most quest from this point going to be voice acted?

That's the word on the street. FremSaga2 was started before we considered that, so no voiced Thok for now :(


Robo Hobo: Aha, I had suspected you would be the one behind the new Sagas! [...] I won't say how I had that hunch though

Those hidden cameras were YOU! I KNEW it!! Keep your grubby mitts off my tasty Saga story notes!

Robo Hobo: Will the Moia saga be taking place in the fourth age? All of the current Sagas take place near the current day in the 5th age, but with going into the past there's a lot of potential to show some fourth age storyline in Daemonheim, rather than just writing about it in the Daemonheim journals.

You'll have to wait and see for yourself! But on that note, some of the earlier Saga ideas at the beginning of the project involved some interesting origin stories for a few different journal-referenced characters. Perhaps one day you'll get to hear Skaldrun tell you about them :)

Robo Hobo: [tell me spoilers!]

No spoilers for you!

Robo Hobo: What was some of your inspiration for the new Sagas? Or is it mostly based off of storyline stuff that was planned long ago when/before Dungeoneering came out, just bringing it to light?

The saga involving Moia came from one line in the game written many years ago. Ask me about it a day or two after the Sagas are released and I'll tell you about it :)

Robo Hobo: Were these Sagas part of the initial 6 that were planned for release at the same time? (but then the first three were released before the others)

The remaining three are secured deep within a vault at Jagex HQ, with Mod Raven keeping close guard over them at all times! They are mighty fine stories, again some day we may just hear them told. I touch a little on one story in the Moia saga, but I can't tell you what or where ;)

...and since you asked so nicely...

Robo Hobo: Is 'Grondaban' intended to be in a future saga?

Our time machine is broken right now, but I'll assume future-mod_giragast has fixed it and is going to come back in time and post the answer below...

13-Apr-2012 21:07:29

Mod Giragast

Mod Giragast

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CrazyKingTim: Will we see Bilrach in the future?
Maybe in the future-past. Or the past-future. Uhhh
Tztok-Jad95: Unrelated question: When will Runefest 2012 be announced?
2012 will be announced in 2016! Mark it on your calendars!
1san: will any other skills be getting a kind of single D&D bound to that skill?
We're always looking at the skills and trying to improve them where possible. That can be a D&D or a complete rework, but we're always trying to get the best out of the skills that we can and there are certainly more projects to come!
Thorlah: I hope my questions get answered this time!
:3 I will try my hardest!
Thorlah: Bilrach. Is he dead? Can you tell us? If not, why are the others so underwhelmed by Daemonheim when everyone else is seemingly scared into silence?
I can tell you nothing about Bilrach, it will spoil the surprise! However, you will find out something from the upcoming Saga. Who knows just how much!
Thorlah: Does Tolna's Rift have a connection to Daemonheim? not sure...
Thorlah: Do Guthix and Zaros have a connection? I gotta know! xD
I'll ask them!
They must be out for lunch or something, they're not picking up.
Thorlah: Bilrach again. Is he really that good of a bluffer to hide his power from even Azzanadra?
He's a cheeky chap, and a lot more powerful than his fellow Mahjarrat think. He could manage it, I think.
Thorlah: Does Bilrach have any familial ties to any other Mahjarrat, like Lucien to Zemouregal, or Sliske to Wahisietel?
Good question, but not one I know the answer to.
Thorlah: Do the Dragonkin have any hand in Daemonheim? Does Jas?
There are mysteries even Content Developers are not privy to.
Thorlah: Does Zamorak know what's going on? Is he the Voice, or is he just "chillin"?
Who can be sure Zamorak is even involved? Are the answers we have ever completely clear? Or are they so obvious we suspect them to be something other than what they are? Only the gods themselves know the truth, and they never truly reveal their hand to those involved.
TLDR: Spoilers.
Thorlah: Is the Rift where he really is?
You never know, it might be a really nice place with lots of people there. A god resort.
Thorlah: How did Bilarch open the portals to other realms?
A long-hidden and hard-earned secret. Something that takes centuries to achieve, and just as long to perfect, is not something he's likely to tell just anyone. You'll probably have to beat the answer out of him.
Thorlah: Just who is the Smuggler. I have a theory, but...
Ooh, what theory is this? We're always interested in theories...
Thorlah: Will we ever get to help Marmaros? I feel so bad for him, and Thok being Thok, I don't want him to be without "his brain".
Some day, maybe we will, for now you'll have to make do with heroic tales of their Daemonheim adventures! :D
Thorlah: Thanks for the time!
High-five! _/ \_

13-Apr-2012 21:33:00

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Mod Giragast

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Vanilla990: This is a question about The Fremenik Sagas II and in general. The Saga's have been a nice addition to the lore behind Dungeoneering. Have you ever had a vision to add a similar sort of update to any of the quest series in Runescape to maybe shed more light on the lore or give a different view of the story?

I would love to see this. Some people enjoy playing storylines from another perspective and currently FremSagas is the best way to do this. If you guys want to see a similar approach with quests in other areas of the game please let us know and we'll be glad to listen! Is there any particular event in the history of RuneScape that you'd like to see?


Going4Quests: Is it possible to see more Developer blogs on the awesome updates you are making?

Just had a lengthy discussion about this to another mod, you're right, we'd love to see them again too.


Vand: Apologies if this is a bit vague of a question, but in general, are there any plans to link the Fremennik Sagas outside of the Fremennik Sagas themselves, preferably in regards to story-line?

It's certainly been discussed! Sorry if it's a vague or brief answer, but anything else would be saying too much. Some great ideas for linking things together though. Time will tell.


Khrashnakh: Can we get one little teaser on the Bilrach saga before it's released please?

Since you asked nicely, the upcoming pre-release lore holds some secrets.


ThaMcDonut: To Mod Giragast - The Pizza Monster:

Buddy! High-five! _/ \_

ThaMcDonut: What is your favorite piece of content in the game?

Wartface and Bentnoze arguing and shouting at Grubfoot. That sequence is the inspiration for Snotgut.

ThaMcDonut: If you could change everything in the game yourself, what would you change and why?

I'd give the map a fog-of-war - I love to explore secret hidden places!

ThaMcDonut: If you could buy pizza's in Varrock, what pizza flavour would it be?


ThaMcDonut: You are currently working on the Sagas, have you finished them already, or are you still busy working on them?

Putting in the finishing touches. I'm very proud of them :) I hope you enjoy them!


Xaji: Will the fremmy sagas and dungeoneering finale be like Firemaker's curse and let lore-interested low level players play them for lore without all rewards, or will only the most dedicated dungeoneers be able to play them?

The Moia saga is a little different in its requirements than other Sagas - more on that closer to release!


Eatthis9999: this is very simple as a question but how do you begin the creative process when an idea is first thought of and what is the normal turn around time from conception to release ?

Lots of plot outlines and lore discussions with other developers and designers! FremSaga2 went through some hefty design work before starting production, but I think we got two great tales to tell out of the process. FremSaga2 is around 5 months from start to finish, it's quite an extensive project and could really be considered equivalent to a quest in terms of the amount of work involved. All the guys and girls who worked on the project put a lot of heart and soul into it and I think it really shows.

13-Apr-2012 22:06:11

Mod Giragast

Mod Giragast

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Going4Quests: Will there be more ferrets of DOOM? I had my volume box on like max and almost jumped out my chair when the cutscene played with the sound effects..

Make sure you've got the volume up nice and loud this time around too ;)


Thorlah: (high fives back)

High-five! _/ \_

Too many questions! Some things are best left secret for now, and some of things are for other mods to answer in other Q&As :)

13-Apr-2012 22:15:05

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