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Any chance we will ever see the attic in the wizard tower again? I really wanted to dive into those massive piles of books.
There are currently no plans to use the attic again, I'd like to work on the wizards tower again as some point though so you never know :)
Also what was your favorite part about making the X-mas event?
It has to be watching all you guys run through and play it! Making it was cool and getting to play about with old characters like the wizards is really cool but that is nothing compared to watching thousands of people play what you have created, everybody plays it differently and it was fun watching!
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Will training in the Runespan be comparable to training say Ivy or mining at the lava flow when it comes to Runecrafting? Or will it be more like playing a mini-game/ livid farm type activity?
Hmm, it's closer to lava flow but then make it 12 times bigger and then throw in some agility arena gameplay...yea..that's what it's like. Confused?
Any chance you could tell us on whether RuneSpan will require essence at all?
It will require rune essence, but perhaps not yours.....
Is it going to be better XP than ZMI rcing?
Is there any specific storyline behind RuneSpan? If so, what is it? - if you're allowed to say!
Yes, Wizard Finix is claiming that he has found proof that the runecrafting altars will run out one day and become unusable. Whether this is true or not is of huge debate in the Runecrafting Guild but regardless, if he is correct this is of huge concern to all wizards in RuneScape. Fortunatly, Wizard Finix has found a new way to make runes and that is trainable in The Runespan. What is this method? Why do the Runecrafting Wizards not believe him? Why does Wizard Finix believe this? Well, you'll have to wait and see ;)
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Runespan is supposed to be the next big runecrafting training method that focuses on exp more than cash, however does it compete with current runecrafting methods? At level 19 its possible to obtain 30k exp per hour via steam runes with profit...towards higher level its possible to obtain around 60k exp per hour with zmi-altar. Will the runespan be able to match these because if not then the content I feel could be outdated to most players once the rewards have been unlocked.
The content has been balanced over the whole range of levels, 1-99. I've also looked at making it scale nicer. Currently runecrafting XP/hr plateaus quite early. I like a nice smooth XP curve :)
Secondly, this next runecrafting pouch! I am soooo excited for it however, it holds 18 essence, it has to have a higher requirement than 75 runecrafting due to the last pouch...will it degrade extremely quick? I know we can however boost its lifespan via repair pouch spell.

The requirement is high yes. The degrading will also work differently, if you follow the degrade time from med pouch through to giant pouch, this pouch would degrade so fast that it would just be annoying. So we've conjured some other way for it to degrade for you :)
Will the rewards from runespan actually help within the activity? I look at dungeoneering and see very few that actually help within an actual dungeon and this is what props this question
The rewards from the runespan will help runecrafting and are for runecrafters to have something special for those that train it high enough. There isn't much that helps in the runespan itself. We believe that the XP rates are good enough for that to be the bonus and that you don't need any help there.
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You guys both seem like newer developers, whatĺs it like joining the development of Runescape as a new Jmod. Are you able to start projects that you want, what freedom do you have?
Joining runescape dev is great fun, the content devs are the biggest bunch of crazy misfits i've ever seen in my life and I seem to fit in well :P As far as our freedom is concenrned, most of the time we will be given a brief outline of an update that Jagex wants made and we start designing from there. We are free to suggest anything we like, that doesn't mean it will happen but we get to bug poor old mark with our big ideas :P If we are lucky our ideas will turn into one of these brief outlines and be given to us as an update to develop.
How are projects split up, is it something like 3 people per project or something. It seems to me that the development team is way to spread out and thus the updates takes a long time.
It depends on the size of the project. A lot of updates get given to a solo content developer to design and create. This does mean that it can take time sometimes but it is the reason why we have so much varied content in the game, we have a whole team of people designing! Other projects will be given to many developers, things such as Troll Warzone and Clan Citadels are examples of that.
I imagine the Runecraft update will improve the overall skill xp rate, as a 99 runecrafter I am ok with this but I must say*this makes the great orb project seem even more useless. Do we really need two runecrafting minigames? What spurred this update to be by itself instead of doing something with GOP.
This is less of a mini game and more of a training area. The GoP and it's rewards should still be used as i don't believe players play this game for the XP. I personally play it for the altar tabs, I don't believe The Runespan poses a threat to GOP and if it does, it is relatively minor so don't worry.
Can smithing and mining get a use again, runecraft was outdated training wise but smithing and mining have no applicable use. Mining rune is only useful due to alch values, itĺs outdated money source tbh. Flasks was a step for mining but one niche use does not a skill make.
We are aware of the problem and are looking into it. Updating a whole skill takes a lot of time and there is a lot to think about as a skill ties into a huge area of the game. No ETA for you but we are aware of it and hope to work on it for you :)
My favorite quests in the game so far have been the Dorgeshuun series. Would you ever consider making a 6th quest. Going on one last adventure with Zanik would be awesome!
Mod_John_A will be happy to hear this :)
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How long have you been working on the Runespan project out of curiosity.
I have been working this since mid December.

RuneSpan is the puzzle based game that was mentioned during RuneFest last year right? Are you able to tell us whether or not our Runecrafting level will influence our abilities to complete these puzzles, or if it is just based on thinking?

The runespan isn't puzzle based. The concept has changed vastly since RuneFest. You will still have to think to get the best XP, runecrafting is an efficiency based skill so i've tried to keep some of that but i've also made it more social since it isn't very social at the moment and i've tried to make the gameplay much more enjoyable. But no, it isn't puzzle based.

Do you know whether there is a possibility of being able to make money through this method, or is that unlikely?

Not directly no, XP is your bonus here.

Will the Runespan be a minimage or really a way to train Runecrafting, just like Artisan's workshop, for example?
It is a new way to train runecrafting. It has minigame elements but isn't strictly a minigame. I'm not a big fan of boxing a skill into a minigame.

Will the Runespan be more than 20k exp/hour?
For certain levels yes :)

Will the Runespan be in a team, or solo training?
You can do either, i've added chances for you guys to work together and you'll probably do better working together but you can theoretically do just as well on your own :)

Is it what you had announced at Runefest as the RC minigame?
Yes but it is no longer a mini-game. I took a look at current runecrafting training and thought it could do with some more engaging game play throughout the whole skill. This eventually turned into the runespan which is far bigger than we originally planned but we are pretty sure it was worth it!

Along the same lines, I believe it was mentioned that this minigame would be an rune sink, ideally driving up the cost of runes (which I am currently working hard to make - 98 RC atm and getting 99 on Sunday :D). Is this actually the case, as it appears in the bts as if there is no need to use runes, though I could very well just be reading this wrong.

This isn't a rune sink directly no, however since no runes are being created via this method it should lower the amount of runes sat in peoples banks over time. I realise this isn't the same but it should help magic be the runesink as this is a far better runesink than one I could fabricate.

Why can't the forums use symbols such as pi in posts?

I don't know :( Ask the web dev team! Next Q&A Jane?? :P
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Is it possible for you guys to release some theoretical xp rates at various levels?

Sorry but no, these are for you to play with and some players enjoy finding these out themselves!

Will runes be required to play the runespan?

Will this new runecrafting update make all other forms of runecrafting obsoleted?
No, runecrafting the current way should give you a tasty profit! The Runespan is geared towards leveling, if you want to make runes for yourself then you'll have to runecraft the old way.

Also, after this runespan update, if everything goes according to plan, we should be seeing very competitive xp rates ... this will leave only slayer as a slow skill even at high levels - so are there any plans to revamp slayer in an effort to make it faster, possibly for less rewards?
Not that i'm aware of but I can bug Mod_Chris_L for you about that one :P

Speaking of slayer, many drops have become so cheap that slaying almost isn't worth it (take the whip for example). Are there any plans on a slayer revamp adding more creatures/higher level gear which will bring much needed life to this skill?

We are aware of this, i'd like to see this looked at too but no promises i'm afraid.

Doubling the number of Blood altar tabs as a reward for the Morytania hard tasks was a good step towards making runecrafting more bearable: any other tricks up your sleeve?

The content devs always have tricks up our sleeves :P

On a scale of 1 to EXHILIRATING, just how fun is the Runespan?! More fun than regular training I presume?!
I'm going to say about 3.1415926......

And how cool are these staves coming with it?

Very cool, that have a couple of...special...abilities...that should make you want to train runecrafting ;)
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In the new cinematic trailer my eyes spotted updated looks of Runecrafting altars. Will the altars getting updated with The Runespan?
Wow, eagle eyed....yes, they will get a bit of a spit shine when the runespan is release :)
Is RuneSpan in its beta testing stage? If so are you pleased with how it has come out and do you think the community would be happy with it?
It is in QA at the moment and so far everyone i've shown it to has replied "wow!" So i'm hopeful :)
If possible can you show us a Teaser of RuneSpan?
I'll leave that to timbo :P
It is still a Grind to get 99 RuneCrafting? because if this RuneSpan take away from that I think the community would not be happy...
Yea there is still a grind, it is training a skill in runescape. The Runespan should be a fun grind though!
what will the level requirements be for the runespan?
Level 1
Being a maxed player, i fear the Runespan update will completely destroy the point of runecrafting being a slow and arduos skill.
The huge pouch doesnt seem a MASSIVE compromise, but it is still speeding up a skill like you keep doing.

The bigger pouch will be different to the current ones, so don't take it at face value from BTS.
please tell me the Runespan isnt going have a method of getting crazy fast xp. This would really disappoint me and thousands of other high level players.
It will be faster but not crazy fast, i've aimed to bring above the status of "slow and boring to train". I will not lie though, it is faster than current runecrafting, that is for sure.
Concerning RuneSpanů I would like to know about some of your biggest challenges in making this update happen. What all did you take into consideration while developing this piece of content? (i.e. many players are worried about devaluation)
I'd say the biggest challenge is balancing over a whole skill. I've had to make sure that the XP rates are high but not so high that it totally devalues having a high level, i've had to create content for all levels of player and if you could see the spreadsheet created for this update your eyes would glaze over. As far as what I had to consider, I had to think about how to make this content fun from 1 through to 99 making sure that you didn't get bored part way though, that is no cheap ask but there are parts of the runespan that are dynamic making it a different experience each time you enter which will help. The rewards had to be worth while to make sure players would want them but they also had to tie into the rest of the game, after 10 years of developement, this poses quite a challenge :P I could talk about this for longer but I think i've summed up the main issues :P
What other ideas did you imagine instead of the final product (RuneSpan)? I.e. did you, or anyone else on the team have any other ideas? If so, can you share with us some of those ideas? I'm mostly curious.
There were 3 main concepts put forward for this:
1. was an idea that came from runefest, it was a sort of 1 armed bandit that you could place your runes into and combine your runes gaining XP along the way. We thought this would be a bit repetitive so it didn't make the grade.
2. was various minigames based around the idea that the player could siphon runic energy out of barriers destroying them along the way. This turned into games like:
- 1 player mazes
- 2 player races
- an team based area control grid based game
- a co-op team game whereby players had to break down barriers to reach the center where there would be a way to get really fast XP if you got there but barriers would grow back.
- In the middle were ideas such as the soul atlar/ a giant rune guardian or a powerful omni-altar.
3. Was the runespan which we thought was better than both of those, hopefully you'll agree :)
the minigame is portrayed to be quite exp efficient in the bts do you still think that this is true?
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Will the Runespan update give us new reasons to train runecrafting? At this point Iĺd like to refer to the smithing update (artisans workshop) which was implemented in order to give the players new cause to train the skill. Unfortunately it failed in my opinion and even devalued the skill since its pure ôafkingö now. I really hope that wonĺt happen again.

The staffs are a reason to train runecrafting but the profit gained from runecrafting should be reason enough so I didn't feel the need to add many more reasons.

Also why do you think we need a runecrafting update? What were your / jagexĺs reasons behind the update?

Haha, i'll quote what I wrote at the start of the design document for this update.

"Currently in game, runecrafting is basically put these small rocks on this big rock. If that is all it boils down to, why do we even need to train it? The gameplay is currently heavily repetitive, uneguaging and not very social. I believe and update which solves these issues would be appreciated by the players." (Had to show that to paul gower, that was scary....he took it well :P)

Will the Wicked Robes carry master runecrafting robes bonus if you have both?
No, the wicked Robes have their own bonus and I wouldn't want to devalue the look of the master RC robes. If you like the Wicked Robes so much after release and you believe they would benifit a lot from this, then please do let us know!

Will the minigame give out Runecrafting tokens since it's related to the Runecrafting Guild, or is it only using an exclusive point system?
The rewards will use a points system specific to the runespan, we don't want you guys to stop playing GoP!

How does the XP rates compare to making runes (for example Blood or ZMI)?

Will it devalue runemaking completely? (slightly worried about rune prices!)
No, making runes should make you decent money after this update, possibly more since less players will be making runes to level.
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Will the Wicked Robes come with a costume room spot?
No, there are reasons for this which I wont go in to detail but there is a technical reason for this.

Just an extra, I really loved the Snowman thing in the christmas event (after completion), at the time I thought it would be kinda cool with a similar activity in the middle of the GE, with a different theme of course but still... Having east vs west in the ge would add community I think. Just adding here as I just remembered that idea!)
I'd like to add the snowman minigame elsewhere, i've not found a good place to put it yet though. Have no doubt, if i find a good place to put it, i'll try and ninja it in there as I'm glad you liked it!

The Runespan is supposed to be the "next big thing" in runecrafting. Do you think this will change the skill in whole?
Yes, this is a totally new way to train runecrafting over the whole skill, i'd be very surprised if it didn't change the skill.

How often do content developers look at player suggestions for inspiration? If/when they do, what do they take from them? Small elements? Or have you ever made content purely out of a player suggestion?
I look at the suggestions every day. I have a notepad document of good players suggestions that I see and try and put them in if they fit in with what i'm working on at that moment. Sadly we don't reply very often that we like a suggestion as we cannot make any promises that it will go into the game! We also have a "todo list" for the whole content team and lots of the items in there are approved player suggestions!

Also, any chance of seeing more competitions for players to design content? I know I'd love to see some of my ideas ingame.
I like this idea and would love to see more of it, The Runespan would not exist without you guys asking for it first! How cool is that!

Have Jagex took into account how Runecrafting is currently the most respectable and hardest 99, and made sure not to increase it by too much with the RuneSpan?
We are aware of this and it has been taken into account but we have to look at the bigger picture and out of all the skills runecrafting is one that most players avoid as much as they can. With regards to the game as a whole this isn't a very good thing at all.

Will RuneSpan require 100% attention like the rest of the Runecrafting methods?
If you want the best of the best XP rates yes but you are not required to keep constant attention to get a good XP rate and you can even play this update casually if you want to, you just wont get amazing XP rates. I like the way runecrafting rewards you for training efficiently and i've tried to keep that to a point in this update.

Will we be able to merge our existing Small to Large Rc Pouches into one gigantic pouch, and will we see some introduction into crafting higher level runes like Soul?
(Heard rumors originating from runefest about the pouch merging)

No, i'm not merging the pouches, the bigger pouch is a new pouch. Merging the pouches, gives you move inventory space which leads to more efficient banking and that in itself leads to balancing concerns so before that happens, it would need more thought.
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Can you let us know anything about about the "magical staves" reward from runespan? Like will they help with combat for cheap spells or stronger spells or anything, or will they be near useless like GOP staves?

The staves have special abilities that should appeal to both skillers and combat players (now that's got you thinking!!) No spoilers just yet!

What exactly IS the Runespan? Is it the source of the Runecrafting altars' powers, the intersection of the altar planes, some cosmic accident, or something else entirely? I suppose what I'm asking is if it's absolutely isolated story-wise or if it is related to existing Runecrafting things in game.

The runespan is based in the same plane as the runecrafting altars and it is where the runecrafting guild is situated. You'll have to wait to find out what makes it so special!

What exactly will the new Wicked Robes do? Related: I thought the Wicked Hood was a ZMI product, why is the RC Guild enhancing their equipment?
The zoologial magical institute make the robes yes. Why would the runecrafting guild worry about zoologists? ;)

The runespan is exciting but is there enough incentive for people to still make all kinds of runes currently available?
Yep, money and magic!

Will the lore of the runespan fit in with the current conspiracy theories surrounding rune mysteries and how strange that all the things came together after hunderds of years.
Well, let's just say that certain members of the runecrafting guild are not big fans of Wizard Finix's theories....

Speaking of RC can I suggest to you to pass onto the graphics team that the ZMI mage (the one who teles to the abyss) wears robes similar to Master RC robes in future but in a Zamorakian style.

*jots down for possible future updates*

How will Runespan work as a money maker, if it is one?

The runespan will not be a money maker, we are leaving that for current runecrafting.

Can you please make it possible to see these broadcast announcements even if your game filter is on filtered, either by making another option on the game tab or by simply allowing it in the filtered mode.

We are aware of this and it is being looked into.
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will it require [The Runespan] alot of money for training?
Nope, you don't need any money to train it.

is Runespan going to be a strategy minigame? or a simple minigame
Strategy skilling area :P

for runespam where will it be at?
Mmmm, tasty spam.....errrr....The wizards tower :P

this is going to be a full thing we can skill on just like a weely or daily idea (meaning if we chose to we can grind there for good exp)?
Full on skilling area you can use at your leisure.

will this effect prices in anyway?
I expect that less players will be making runes will affect prices yes.

also will this be puzzle for training if so i will love it as i love to do puzzle ( like clue scrolls)
No puzzles, I like making puzzles but this update doesn't include them.

Does your runecrafting xp rise per level or is it like agility where you get the same rate until you can use a higher level course?
I've made a point of making sure it scales evenly as you level, that is one of the major problems with runecrafting currently.

Will the runespan have any lore to it, I think I recall someone saying that the runespan is the result of residue of the stone of jas or something?
There will be some lore yes but it isn't a huge part of this update.

mod pi what beer are you drinking and wich pizza?
No beer and no pizza here, we have coffee and sandwiches though. HOWEVER! If I was drinking beer and eating pizza it would be Pear Cider and lots of mean with a BBQ base for the pizza :)

In the x-mas event Greyzag was replaced by Whitezag for those who no longer have Greyzag in the tower. However in the Love Story cutscene there is a different wizard. Can we make this consitent in future by adding one of them permenantly to the tower?
Different developers, different replacement. The fact that Grayzag isn't there is possibly more important as it is an important part of a quest (no spoilers past that!). Wizard Whitezag was a play on Gandlaf (Gray and now White) and Wizard Taloram was put in as a replacement for the cutscene (if there are any extra reasons you'd have to ask Mod_Ash). They are not necessarily the same person nor a permanent replacement for Grayzag.
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Will you plan to give the Wizards Tower an overhaul in graphics to match the tower with the rest of awesome new graphics?
This is definitely being looked into, when and if it will happen I cannot say.

Does Runescpan have more cosmetic item rewards to offer then the wicked armor?
Yes and'll find out :P

First of all, i would like to say that i loved the Xmas Event, it was one my favourite holiday events ever. Anyway, since you're doing a RuneCrafting update... Is there any chance you could clear up the inconsistencies around RuneCrafting lore? (IE: Being able to runecraft even before Rune Mysteries is completed.)
That is being sorted but not with this update.

How did you go about planning Runespan?
Well....1 word,'s quite intricate and ties into a lot of places. That is before you start thinking about XP rates....

Did you have a lot of different ideas that might have worked too but you didn't go for?
Yep, see a previous post.

What kind of things did you have to consider in order to make it fun, useful, and attractive but not overpowered?
For fun, I asked myself, would I find it fun? Would the players on my choobs friends list find it fun? If the answer to that is no, then I move onto the next idea.
Useful - Better XP was an easy one to make it attractive but it had to be balaced very carefully, I didn't want to make the XP too good, just a healty enough boost to make it better than it currently is. On top of that, the rewards are aimed at different styles of players to appeal to the most amount of players possible.

Did that take a lot of communication with other people?
Yes, I had to speak to...*breathes in*:
Lead designers, other contend developers, enviromental artists, NPC artists, concept artists, animators, audio, players, balacers, the QA department, 2d artists and the CM department. Most of the mods who work on runescape have been involved at some point.

Will RuneSpan contain any rewards in addition to the bags of Runecrafting XP mentioned?
Yep, there is a rewards shop to buy runecrafting related items with points gained in the runespan.

Also, is there any team-aspect to this?
Yes, a community aspect has been taken into account for this update. We want you guys helping eachother in the runespan.

About Runecrafting, will we ever see the soul altar In-Game as a real altar hidden somewhere?
That is on many developers todo list but no plans set in stone yet.

Would you ever consider making new quests that include the least seen characters of Runescape, the mystical Genie of the exp lamp, for example?
Sounds like fun! *jots down*

At Runefest there was talk of an "altar-less" rc minigame set in a factory where you exchange runes for time that can be spent earning xp in the factory. Has that idea been scrapped and turned into Runespan or is that a totally separate update?
This was one of the concepts used early in the development of the runespan, for now it is not being used but we don't neccisarily say goodbye to concepts if we don't use them.

Mod Pi, why wasn't kennith included in the christmas event? He said he was going there after you beat salt in the wound, but he never showed up there. In fact I don't think he is anywhere in the game at the moment!
What happened to him?

Had a word with Kennith and he tells me that he said that he might go to the wizards tower, he hasn't made his way there yet but he may make the journey one day.

what effect will runespan have effect on the supply/demand for runes and essence?
Hopefully post runespan those who chose to do current runecrating will get more profit, thus making this still worth while. I'd expect the price of rune essence to go down in all honesty but the profit you gain for something that requires level 30 mining is very high as it is. I'd expect the prices of runes to go up but more runes are brought in game via monster drops than people relise so I wouldn't worry too much. I'd expect the inital reaction to be extreme but then it will stabalise as it generally does. That said, you cannot be 100% certain when you talk about the runescape economy.

Will you log back into Rs later? We are missing you!
Maybe Monday, I plan on sleeping after this :P
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Is it going to look like some of the wildlands already in runescape, or will it look completely different?
It looks unlike anything you've ever seen in runescape before.

I've a question for Wizard Finix,

It's been a while since the initial investment you asked for regards the Runespan, I just wanted to know the progress of my Infinite supply of runes? I don't mean to be rude it's just it's been a while and my army is tiring of using Diango's Firecrackers as a substitute for fire spells.

Many Thanks

Dear Klobleo,

Although it is theoritically possible to create an infinate number of runes; the nature of what you are asking for is rather impractical. I do not remember offering you an infiniate runes nor does it sound like something I would promise! If you would like inifinite number runes then I suggest you start by getting yourself to the altars and start making runes before the altars run out!

Yours quite frankly!
Wizard Finix

Will Runespan be a complete overhaul and new way to train Runecrafting?
More of a giant addition but in theory, yes.

Speaking of Magic, will there be a new spell to allow you to teleport to your friends if they are on the same world as you? If so, when will this happen? And what runes will be needed for the spell to be used?

I like the idea behind this but there are a large number of reasons why this would be difficult. Balacing/level locked areas/the other person not wanting you to teleport to them are just a few.

If The Runespan is like on the concept art / wallpaper you shown at the BTS, will the place have skyboxes?
Yes, it uses skyboxes.
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