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Hey all,

There's a new big bad guy coming to RuneScape next month, and he looks something
like this..

The problem is.. he needs a name!

Let us know what your chosen name for this guy should be. Come 4pm, we'll choose a winning name, and the one who comes up with it will win a signed snowman, 2 Bonds, plus their chosen name immortalised in RS Lore forever.

I eagerly await your entries for this evil, snow-throwing monster!

Mod Kalaya
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Frostbite, the evilish cousin of Frosty the snowman. He *will* make you love him or he will bombard you with snowballs.

Edit: Or Blizz the snowman. It has a better ring to it than Blizzard, a snowstorm.
Tickling feathers are not optional.

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