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Dong U Dead said:
@Louiellen, If Jagex set up this new format for the forums it would take far to much space to have both options, it just wouldn't be viable. I don't believe there would be a need for both, having this setup would remove a lot of problems these forums have.

Thank you all for responses and support :)

The view of RSOF can be formatted per account, that means the forumer can choose to use your suggested format or the old format. I don't think it will use a lot of space, since it only requires switching CSS.

Besides, we all know how much a certain sector of the community hate changes. To a point we have to clean-up a lot of their ranting threads usually posted outside the Rants forum section.

My counterproposal will be a win-win solution for everyone, you get the newly formatted RSOF while those that love the status quo will enjoy their status quo.

02-Apr-2019 11:19:28

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