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Nawty Secret said:
Let's be honest, setting up SSL or TLS isn't that difficult. Shouldn't take this long for a GAME DEVELOPMENT company...
But since the entire website is from early 2000s, I doubt it's even cared about.

If only it was that simple. Installing and requesting an SSL certificate is extremely cheap and easy nowadays (worth noting that Jagex uses LetsEncrypt for the Support Centre). The real maintenance on an existing website begins post-installation. You need to scan the entire database, making sure all internal links to other pages and especially images are changed from from http to https protocol. If you miss this step (in particular with image links), you end up with security errors* and inconsistencies which browsers will have no problem warning the consumer about.

*The one I have no doubt almost everybody has seen: "only secure content is displayed, do you wish to display insecure content?" The scale of work involved is often underestimated when looking at a website which has been around for almost two decades. Better off leaving things as they are than having inconsistencies and deploying something like this bit by bit.
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