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Clutch Poppy
Aug Member 2018

Clutch Poppy

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So, I'm trying to do The Corsair Cove quest on Old School Runescape but I can't move past this one step even though I already did that step but my quest won't update it. It's the part with digging up the doll and going back to Gnocci the Cook. I dug it up and brought it to him and my quest guide won't update it and I can't dig it up again so therefore I can't move past that one step. Please help me?

28-Jan-2018 18:51:32

fmod Member


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Sounds like you aren't stuck any longer, so this one is resolved.

The Website & Forums forum is meant more for discussion and feedback about the website or forums, rather than getting assistance/reporting a bug within the game. If you believe you've found a bug in the game, the best thing to do would be to right click the report button and select the "Report a Bug" option, then fill out the form that is there to send details to Jagex's QA team.

28-Jan-2018 20:46:24

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