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There are real reasons (more than likely), they are just too lazy to reply with their reasoning or are forgetful and forget to do so.

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That sentiment has been repeated for a long time now. I forgot how long truly, but well over a decade now.

It's the same as outright hiding a thread, which doesn't really happen much anymore, but used to be a frequent occurrence.

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CM Neriphyra

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Hi everyone, I can assure you that it is important for us to give a reason when hiding, locking, or moving a thread.

Basically, we wish to keep the thread/post creator informed by explaining any moderation actions.

We will make sure to double check that any moderation actions are explained, thank you for bringing this up to us. :)

10-Oct-2018 00:14:34

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Tophurious said:
doesn't seem productive. hide a post without reasoning and the poster may not know what rule was broken and won't be able to take corrective action later on.

I've hidden a few posts recently that were just outright spam or intentional flaming by users who definitely know what they're doing/know better so I didn't feel it necessary to "preach to the choir" so to speak, but I'll make a point of making it known exactly why, regardless, so people can stay informed.

Thanks for bringing this up! :)
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I've only seen Fmods hide posts without leaving a reply when the post was made several pages or days ago, or the person who made the post knew perfectly well that he was breaking forum rules.

If it's a post from long ago, it's a good thing not to mention the post hide since it risks shifting the focus of the thread conversation onto the Fmod or the rulebreaking post.

And I don't see a need to 'preach to the choir'.
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