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Am I being dense, or do the Forums put threads in a totally random order?
It would be nice to scroll down the list of threads ina forum and see which had new posts since I had read them - I can't see any way to do it atm

Thanks for any help

19-Apr-2018 08:49:03

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By default threads are sorted by last post, but thread owners can manually bump their threads back to the top of the list (under stickied threads), which is why the sorting can appear to be random at times. Not really sure if the web team would want to change it, since it'd probably lead to bumping being more or less useless. The Runescape Witcher
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19-Apr-2018 09:20:47

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I agree with
on this one as the bump feature is the reason for this. If we negate the bump feature, posting "bump" would make a thread to appear to have a fresh post when it really does not - a bump post does not contribute to the discussion.
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19-Apr-2018 12:17:25

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