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As of like a month maybe longer the "playerDetails" endpoint doesn't provide the online status and world. Even will a valid token Key i don't get the world and online status.

This was working fine as of a month ago.

Does any body have any ideas or reasons to why it doesn't now.

Would be surprise if Jagex did anything to change it as they haven't for a long time.

Kind of annoying, unless anyone know another way which is the friends list endpoint.

09-Mar-2018 21:05:35

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I would love to know if there's an update on this. If you happen to have anything? or anyone else? Right now the only solution i can find is parsing html on the clan page.

edit: I wanted to add that i'm using this to build Runescape Fan site(high score tracking, and all of that) and this will be use so a user can prove they are who they say they are. kinda like what runeclan did with their "confirm rsn"
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