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hi when can we use emojis on forums??? it's 2017??

here are some emojis hopefully one day they will work

@@@ @@@
^^^ click this ^^^
^^^^^ important ^^^^^

bring back the lumbridge pig pit

15-Nov-2017 16:17:39

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*applies some support*

The fact that they come out in letters, numbers and symbols doesn't do the forums any favours. :(

Jagex are planning to release RuneScape onto mobile. I hope in turn this means they are planning to make the website as a whole (and the forums) mobile friendly. That would then drive more people like myself to use the forums on mobile whilst out and about. It only makes sense that emojis are enabled in that case. (Could really do with mobile for the forums tbh as my phone struggles with typing posts fast enough without it suddenly skipping entire words O_o )

I must admit the web team have been very quiet recently. I do hope they are working on mobile website and forums, which could explain the quiet-ness. (it would be jaw-dropping if they weren't tasked with that at this point)

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16-Nov-2017 19:46:01

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