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Kronwell B
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Kronwell B

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Hello and welcome.

I have no idea if this has already been suggested, so it's a long shot, but there is 1 simple feature I'd REALLY enjoy in forum. "View unread content" with possibility to "Mark all threads as read", and maybe even a possibility to include certain sections to show as always read, because forum is pretty large, not everything is a section of interest for everyone. This would help people to find new posts, new threads and make the forum to be more, let's say, compact. I for one would love to see new posts by users and in which threads that is, just by reading the caption of thread I'd know if it's interesting for me or not. That applies to most if not all of us. Give this a thought and tell what you think, I, personally, really want this to happen.
It's me.

25-Nov-2017 10:40:20



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I'm fairly certain this has been suggested before, and I personally would like a more interactive Forums system, myself. The more active we are, the more threads that get recorded in our profile, and, consequently, the more we have to check back to them if we wish to continue those discussions.

This kind of feature would definitely reduce the scrolling and the clicking—and the wondering if there are new replies.

I support! :)
...and most importantly...

25-Nov-2017 10:49:30

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