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(1) Off-topic "discussions" should always go to the Off-topic forums, especially the ones regarding politics and religions. For instance, net neutrality and government regulations including but not limited to gun control, racial/sexual oriented issues, etc. Unfortunately, in the last few months, forum users found the slightiest excuses to link them to RS, claiming these issues affect Jagex because its games run on the internet, it has players and employees of different racial and sexual orientation, blah, blah, blah.

Seriously, these are all off topic discussions. Fmods should right the ship and put them in the correct Off-topic forums to begin with.

(2) Repeatedly expressing the same "opinion" in different thread should be considered spamming whatsoever. For instance, keep yelling "remove TH", "death to MTX" etc in multiple threads under multiple forums is definitely spamming. Unfortunately, again, Fmods have let this issue slide way too far the last few months. It must be addressed ASAP too.

(3) Discussions regarding some special topics with designated discussion forums and/or threads should always be put under the designated forums/threads, no exception. Specialty Forums such as Solomon General Store, Treasure Hunter and Off-topics are here for their obvious reason. Users should not abuse the structure of the forums.

(4) While Fmods may have different opinions, they should always abide to the Official Jagex Forums and Forum Moderation procedures. Under no circumstances should they break the rule themselves because they are also forum users and Jagex players. All rules apply to them too.

(5) I think the current Forum Moderation Review procedure is fine. Forum users should use them even if Jmods don't reply and apparently not going to. Remember one thing, virtual world issues including forum/in game activities are not real. There is no urgency to get everything strictly right and fair.

(6) Contact Jagex for IRL issues.

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Jagex should join the Fair Play Alliance, or at least take a page out of their book in handling toxicity.

Some trolls have only one specific reason to post in the forums or play in the games of those 30-ish members of the FPA. Many even expressly stated they came from some organizations and demanded the game developers to agree to their terms.

Such behaviors are also beginning to be obvious in Runescape too. These trolls repeatedly spam the same "opinion" thread after thread in different forums even the respective special forums have been set up for just these kind of "opinions".

Meanwhile, players should always use the Forum Mod Review thread if Fmods are hesitate to right the ship. I also encourage reporting to for users deliberately disrupting normal operations of any Jagex games. :D:D:D

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"2. There also seem to be a number of spam/troll/flamebait threads that come into posting, and unfortunately, these threads are never locked until after pages of pages of constant trolling and flaming.

3. Following the previous issue, the posters of these threads continue to make such threads without consequence. Even though they are known to regular posters within specific forum communities, they do not seem to be as conspicuous to F-Mods considering the perpetuation of their posts and threads."

These 2 points can actually be addressed effectively by Fmods if they take it seriously that some posters have the
to disrupt different threads, spam their own ideas and/or start a fight with other forum users they don't like.

For instance, some spammers may just randomly pick a user they target and post something like they don't know what it mean, it is spam or off topic, or the OP doesn't mean it... in the hope that the thread can be derailed or closed.

This issue can easily be tackled if the Fmods are doing their job.

(1) If the spammer is not the OP of the thread/issue in discussion, Fmods simply can't let him use the stupid excuse OP doesn't mean it. The reason is obvious. If OP really has a different meaning, it is only appropriate for him/her to clarify it. No forum users are supposed to be able to read other people's minds.

(2) All accusations of posts violating forum rules should be reported to Forum Help. And such accusations must be directed to the very first post that such "violation" occurred, absolutely not at other users that the accusers don't like and simply pick on perhaps pages later.

(3) Fmods should examine the
posting/reporting patterns
of some bad apples. Users making false accusations and exercising disruptive behaviours on
should be flagged and reported to Jmods.

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Seleno said:
I think that a new approach should be considered. Perhaps a system that members (not just forum moderators) to somewhat help moderate the forums. It would of course need to be carefully applied so that it could not be abused. Also it would be helpful if we could have tools to moderate our own thread like move our own thread or delete it so that some pressure is taken off the forum mods and they can focus efforts towards more pressing matters.
Not saying this is 100% the solution or will even work, just a suggestion.

Support for letting users to delete their own posts, but not threads. Even if an user is the OP of the thread, s/he should have no rights to delete posts of other users.

No support for letting users to move their threads because they can move them to the wrong places.

The better approach for the Fmods to help themselves is to prioritize issues and be consistent and transparent in handling them.

For instance, dealing with disruptive, menancing, fight picking users should definitely have much higher priorities than moving threads, updating thread titles etc. Unfortunately, I saw very often, particularly of late, that threads flickering with personal attacks were being left for hours while some mods continued to work on minor issues like moving threads. Mods also seemed to be being more oblique when handling some questionable threads. Very often they just hid some problematic posts without comments or warnings to the violators. Sometimes, they let them stay, but also without any comments.

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Aeon Queen8 said:

In any case, as you acknowledge, f-mods follow guidelines given by Jagex, so it’s more Jagex who’d be able to comment on this.

Actually I think Jagex's guideline in game is very different than the one in the forums.

AFAIK, they mute a lot of people in games but hardly any such offenses in the forums. You always see the same spammers/flame baiters coming back in a day or two in the forums even if they are muted.

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