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Dong U Dead said:
Miu said:
Dong U Dead said:
Edit: I notice you have your friends coming in to support you.

Dong, I'll support you when you're right, and be against you when you're wrong. You know that. Allegations of conspiracy do not help your cause.

You are dreadfully in the wrong.

No, I am not in the wrong!

- why did you just now come in now with this issue with fifi? This thread has been up and about for a while and suddenly the two usual supporters have arrived when fifi arrived - in my mind that is how I see it.


I've been in this thread for the past couple days and I've finally had enough of you derailing your own thread to make vague and nonsensical accusations against forumers. But it seems that was the intent of this thread from the very start.
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14-Dec-2018 03:39:01

Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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No, I have not derailed the thread, what has been discussed is exactly what it's about.

People have come in denying that what I am stating isn't happening when it certainly is. This is what happens every time, I state hey this isn't on, this needs to change then the same group come in turn it on me, I then retaliate back, it goes back and forth and it turns to custard. I believe this happens because a handful of players don't want things to change, they enjoy leaving the hurtful, negative, troll posts around the forums and therefore turn it back on me, as it has happened in this thread - so once again the problem I am addressing doesn't get addressed because they have cleverly turned it on me, very cleverly executed by players very clever with words and a good network of friends that can come in and support them.
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14-Dec-2018 04:05:49



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If the thread author wishes to recreate this thread, then feel free to do so without the retaliation attacks against other forumers. The last 4 page of this thread is really a disturbing read, back and forth accusation between parties, this is not a discussion we want RSOF to harbor.

Dong, please reread all your posts as you became the very person you want to get banned in your opening statement. I do not harbor any anger towards you or anyone here in RSOF, but I truly wish that an issue here in RSOF can be discussed without naming and shaming throwing accusations around.

If you decide to open a new thread regarding this topic, please rephrase it in a way that you will not be seen as the very person you wish to be punished. Of course, you may disagree with this lock, feel free to appeal it in FMR thread. I need to take this action, since at this very moment other than myself, Tuffty himself left the thread. I do not wish to make an enemy out of you or anyone, we just need to draw the line somewhere. There is no room for further bashing and insults, you don't want to get bashed and insulted, and so are the rest of RSOF forumers.


Multiple instances of discussing bans (supposed to be a private matter)
Multiple instances of accusatory naming & shaming a variety of people.
Publicly arguing with FMod decisions.
Publicly arguing about JMod decisions.
Bad-mouthing and accusing F&J Mods, and individuals, of all manner of wrong-doing.

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