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Mod Lyon said:
Jaberwockish said:
Not all bugs are actioned in game, if only one or a few people are having trouble it often won't be looked at even if it's at huge cost to the player.

So I'm of two minds about this.

This is incorrect. The RuneScape content QA team clears every bug report from a player every weekday, often within the hour. On weekends, coverage is provided by our Player Support team.

During an update day even closer attention is paid to the bug report queues, and you will often find reports 'closed' within 15 minutes.

Note: Things that are not a bug "I was hacked" etc. are closed as no further action, so please don't try going to abuse this as a way to get in touch with Jagex other than to report bugs.

For personal reasons which I'm not going into on these forums. I reported something awhile back on my main I believe and nothing was done to fix or amend situation. Nor did anyone come back to me on situation.

Another time two or three years back, a JMod said to an alt, not sure if in forums or message center that they prioritise bugs, glitches, isolated cases are put behind more urgent cases, one player Vs 100s of players.

16-Jul-2018 09:32:23

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