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Account Settings
King Fredjee
When a user logs in to the Account settings page then the user will be asked again to log in to every other page after he logged in. I miss the old view where the bars like opend with your user settings in. Now the user need to log in after each click and they are redirected to other pages thats doesn't even look the same as the overview of your account settings. It's not so user experience friendly in my eyes. It would be nice to see some updates there.

The user needs to log in 1 time
It looks nicer to stay on 1 page, in stead of redirecting to other pages to view or update your account settings.

Maybe some security issue that probably can be fixed.
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31-May-2019 17:23:38

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The character length limit of posts on the forums should be majorly increased. 2000 characters is annoying and outdated. It's equal to the character limit of Discord, an instant messaging app. A forum should allow more characters than that.

Thread owners no longer need to awkwardly reserve posts in their threads, and the first pages of threads can be used for discussion, not just filled with reserve posts
Players can discuss more extensively... in depth discussion is more possible
Information is more compact and efficient, since making multiple posts takes up more room

There are no significant downsides to consider. It should be a very quick change on Jagex's side.
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I really support the personal/private message idea. It's not a big deal how it's implemented, as long as we can send other players offline messages. Add whatever settings you want, but I'd love to carry on a conversation once a week/month with people I don't align schedules with or tell my old friends that I'm back without waiting for them to log on. I don't want to be that creepy person and google people's names and find their facebook and say "hey it's me from runescape! Lol remember me?" or have to find another platform. Lesson learned from skype.

20-Jul-2019 10:35:59

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