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don't feel it's being used enough or for the right reasons.

There are people using the forums for negative posts towards others and it's just relentless at times. Anywhere a remark can be made it will be made. It's both members and f2p. They have never been disciplined through the ban procedure even though it's continuous negative behavour. I feel their negative posting doesn't stop because they aren't going to miss out on anything, they are not getting banned for there continuous negative posts.

The moderators pretty much keep on top of it by hiding the posts dependent on who's moderating at the time, if any moderators are on, if it's reported or if they feel it should be hidden (it all should be hidden in my eyes), any negative posts should not be tolerated. But this form of moderation is not getting through to some people, the negative posts still come regularly, I feel it need to go up to the next step, which is temp ban and if they still haven't learned further down the track perm ban.

These forums can be a really pleasant place and it should be for all that use it, it shouldn't matter if you don't agree, don't like the post or person. If it was moderated correctly, you would get rid of a lot of the negative posts, as I am sure no one wants to be perm ban.
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If someone has a special 'aim' for another individual that is strictly personal and way off topic than maybe it's time to address that person seriously.

I will repeat this once again ... this thing what I said (above) goes many many ways, including the direction of yours idea / suggestion.
Of course you would like to see it done towards people you see being the problem but you have to think about this, if you would like something done to someone else would you also apply it to yourself?

Most discussion, if not all, fall apart because one side runs short on 'logics / perfect answers / strong argumentation' and the other side refusing to bent so both can meet under better circumstances / terms.

There's always 'Us & Them' and it always will be that way, nobody can change that.

A lot of people want to discuss something but they do not know at what level this discussion is holding up itsself. Quite frankly, almost a decade ago this situation already did emerge itsself to the surface and is repeating itsself once again. Why? Time is running out?
Beats me if you ask me but what is happening today is more likely an act of panic rather than something substantial for The RSOF.

The RSOF is there to read about 'Player Experiences' and not 'The Wilderness'.
The Wilderness is in RuneScape but over the last decade, since 'The Gods' of RuneScape did left the scenery PvM pretty much changed into PvP.
Reading about player experiences hardly reach The RSOF and numbers do decline to a rate that could be counted on ones fingers.
Of course we all ask ourselves that same question ... over & over ... how could that have happened?

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Tophurious said:
FMR is available if you feel an fmod is slacking
Self-moderation, moderating ones self doesn't require FMR nor a feeling you would require someone else to moderate what you could have done yourself.

14-Dec-2018 07:50:09

FiFi LaFeles
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No support.

If a person finds a remark that they believe to be rule-breaking then they have the option to flag it in FH.

If an FMod does not action it then it is either not rule-breaking and therefore legitimate for the forums, or it is so mild as to not warrant a fuss being made.

If said person does not agree with the FMod decision they have recourse to FMR.

I disagree that the FMods do not apply the Rules and tools at their disposal adequately; I know of two posters who have been temp banned fairly recently and one who has been perm banned.

So the current system seems entirely robust and I see no need for a witch hunt.
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14-Dec-2018 11:35:01

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What you have to remember when it comes to moderation is that there is a handy guide we must adhere to when it comes to said moderation. I won't get into the meat and potatoes so to speak but it's a bunch of if this do that things. All predicated upon this...

The Forum Code of Conduct

Stick to the rules of RuneScape.

Bit of a no-brainer; do not break any RuneScape Rules in your posts. Click here to read up on them. All of those rules apply here still, but where a forum rule conflicts a RuneScape rule the forum rule is the boss.

Your posts should be appropriate content.

We do not need your spam on these forums; that includes unnecessary duplicate threads and offtopic/hijacking posts.
If you post links or images make sure they are safe for your fellow forumers. Do not use link shorteners.
Keep personal information confidential, to protect you and other players.
All content should be safe-for-work.

Be respectful of your fellow forumers.

No need to flame any players, no matter your history.
Don't make vulgar, offensive, or profane posts.
Don't target specific players with accusations.

Good Forumer Guidance
Though swearing is tolerated, it should never be directed at another individual or group.
There is a difference between flaming another player and sharing your opinion on their argument. Remember to discuss the topic, not the player you're talking to - play the game not the player.
Begging is considered as spam, whether for real-life funds or in-game items/money.
If you spot a thread where you disagree with the poster's opinion, rather than argue with them across multiple pages of their thread consider creating a new thread with your own opinion.
Though politics and religion threads are now permitted, they will be moderated to a greater extent than other content as it is easier to cause offence and upset in those subjects.
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