Loot cape or not, oh it is :)

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Dear jagex

I know it was kind of a failed fix you guys tried with the loot cape, but i laughed my ass of reading through the messages.
I recently joined again and i know back when i played, it probably would have been a lot harder to complain or get the reward. I can see you tried very hard fixing the issue with the minimal annoyance for all the players.
So thank you for the great (and bit funny) informing on small fixes like this
kind regards
Ystogan (aka zubat_freak)
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07-Feb-2018 17:50:25

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I was the same way. Mod Shauney the inbox messages were quite amusing and I am rather thankful.

The only small shock was seeing 4 of them at once. As I opened the inbox my thoughts were "did i get banned or did I get Pmod"? I honestly deserve neither of them as all I have been doing lately is boss and attempting to max.

When I read the messages it made me smile as it just shows how much you care about the players. Honestly I didn't care at all about the loot cape. I watch the streams because your desire to make this a great game and see it succeed is infectious!!

Either way go buy a toupee if you have to, but rest assured we are not sick of you or your messages. We are appreciative.

07-Feb-2018 20:32:25

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