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Lvl3 Tom
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Lvl3 Tom

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My name is Tom and I am a skiller, I have 7 99's with an untrimmed Slayer Cape.

I was doing the quest Family Crest and I do understand how to do it as a skiller. I got through 90% of the quest doing all the skiller ways.

If you go to 10:12 in this tutorial video for normal accounts this is where the Blood Fury f***** up.

When you use a blood fury you drink a S Brew to go to 0 combat stats. You make sure you hit a 0 on the dude and let the recoil and Blood Fury do the rest. But for some reason only in this quest when you kill the monster it gives you xp when it shouldnt. this is a BUG this should NOT happen at ALL.

ALL I ask is if you can set my STRENGTH from Level 2 back to level 1 - I will even take it with 82 xp in Strength. For the love of god Please help.

I didnt mess up it was the quest.

I would love a MOD to retry what I did because i DID no mess up.?

I am A skiller with 7 99's and an untrimmed Slayer cape.
Currently trying to get my 2str back to 1str because it was a game glitch/bug.

12-Feb-2018 02:12:52

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Duplicate thread closed.

Please remember that posting the same discussion in more than one Forum or posting more than once in the same Forum makes it difficult to figure out which thread to use and pushes other player’s threads off the Forums that much faster.

Do your best to choose the most appropriate Forum for your topic and just post it once. Your original thread in the Community Led Account Help Forum is the best placed, so you may continue to use that one.

12-Feb-2018 04:29:04

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