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It was stickied, then unstickied to have it reviewed and it was stickied again: CM Neriphyra said:
After reviewing the thread with the team, we feel that it should be stickied as long as it remains a positive initiative to help the community get the proper and complete information on Wiki.

I feel that it is also our way to say thank you and for helping make the Wiki a good source of information for all.

So well done and keep it up! :D
It all honesty, I am 100% sure that these fansites wouldn't be fighting to have their threads stickied here on the Forums, let alone General. The Forums do not have the traffic that they had many years ago and certainly do not have the J-Mod presence that was visible in prior times. The thread isn't harming anyone and it's definitely very useful. It's there for a reason.

Other fansites already receive the support they deserve from Jagex, as evidenced by this thread in Community Home: Fansite Support - Information. If they wanted to expand their community reach, I am sure they would look for Social Media sites and not the Forums to advertise their mission statement. If this occurred during the Golden Age of the Forums AND if other fansites threads were available, then yes, it could have caused an issue with favoritism.

Considering that there aren't any other fansite threads in General that may have been ignored over the current sticky being discussed and that this sticky was approved, not once, but twice by Jagex, I do not see a problem with it and I wholeheartedly believe it should maintain its status. Even if temporary, this sticky is raising awareness and should stay as is.

26-Dec-2018 21:45:50

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