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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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I would like the thread The RS Wiki needs YOU! un-stickied in the General forum, it does not belong stickied there.

I find it wrong and unfair that a fansite has been stickied when there are other fansites that are dedicated to RuneScape, the community, they have been around for years with dedicated people that love the game who have spent years looking after and maintaining their site, keeping it safe for us and content available to help us get through sticky situations in-game we find ourselves in.

This favouring one site over another is wrong - what message does this give to the people of RuneScape, to our community? We at Jagex only trust this site, the other ones we don't support, we don't trust, we only back this site etc <- is this the way it is now? maybe more on-top with knowledge, with more vast information than other Runescape fansite sites (so I have been told), but this should not give them preference by being stickied in the General forum - other sites have wonderful information, presented differently, with a wonderful community that has spent many years keeping their fansite safe for us to use.

If other fansites come into General asking the community for help would they too be stickied?? I doubt it, but if one is stickied, shouldn't the other fansites be stickied too??
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26-Dec-2018 20:47:13

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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No support.

Just because you dont like it isnt enough reason for this to happen.

At the end of the day the wiki is jagex supported thus the thread has every right to be stickied.
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It's my understanding until the RS Wiki is better know it's a temp sticky thread.

I don't think it will be there for ever only for a short time.

I see no harm with it there as the Wiki is growing by the day.
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26-Dec-2018 21:20:43

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26-Dec-2018 21:25:31

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It was stickied, then unstickied to have it reviewed and it was stickied again: CM Neriphyra said:
After reviewing the thread with the team, we feel that it should be stickied as long as it remains a positive initiative to help the community get the proper and complete information on Wiki.

I feel that it is also our way to say thank you and for helping make the Wiki a good source of information for all.

So well done and keep it up! :D
It all honesty, I am 100% sure that these fansites wouldn't be fighting to have their threads stickied here on the Forums, let alone General. The Forums do not have the traffic that they had many years ago and certainly do not have the J-Mod presence that was visible in prior times. The thread isn't harming anyone and it's definitely very useful. It's there for a reason.

Other fansites already receive the support they deserve from Jagex, as evidenced by this thread in Community Home: Fansite Support - Information. If they wanted to expand their community reach, I am sure they would look for Social Media sites and not the Forums to advertise their mission statement. If this occurred during the Golden Age of the Forums AND if other fansites threads were available, then yes, it could have caused an issue with favoritism.

Considering that there aren't any other fansite threads in General that may have been ignored over the current sticky being discussed and that this sticky was approved, not once, but twice by Jagex, I do not see a problem with it and I wholeheartedly believe it should maintain its status. Even if temporary, this sticky is raising awareness and should stay as is.

26-Dec-2018 21:45:50

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Support to be honest.

I don't know why it got stickied, and I don't particularly agree with it. While it's bound to happen anywhere in life, I've never liked favouritism and will never support it anywhere. Jagex has already handed the Wiki their own website to run so they do not have to deal with Fandom and their rules.

While they have every right to ask for assistance from the community to keep their site up to date with accurate information, I don't think they need a sticky for it. Also, with what Dong said - if another fansite posted a thread asking for help, would that be stickied?

Another part of favouritism that the Wiki gets over other fansites is the in-game title - the Wikian given to any of their fansite staff. What about all the other fansites and the hours of work they put in?

Same thing happens with You Tubers, Streamers, popular people on Twitter and Reddit - those who have more of a fanbase/followers/more popular/famous will always be supported by a company - more than any other "lower" people/sites. RS Wiki is by far the largest fansite, so it's only normal that Jagex supports it further than all the others now.
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The Wiki is a huge assest to players so I don't mind it. Don't think there's too much going on in it to warrant a sticky though. Think it can be left be for a couple weeks then unsticky.

They should just move fansite contribution stuff to community home if other topics on those emerged.

They did that with discords till people stormed the section with help requests and they had to close it to further topics i think.

26-Dec-2018 23:37:29

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How do you know that it is wrong and unfair to other fansites? Are you involved with them?

There has been no complaint thus far from people actually from these fansites. I see no harm with the sticky.
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27-Dec-2018 00:12:43

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