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There's no real issue with this. Ironman mode changes the game completely. That's enough for it to qualify to get its own, dedicated forum section. You'll likely attract more Ironman as well to the forum. It'll also help give non-ironman sections more space as people will not clog up those sections with IM-related threads that regulars of that forum may not be able to answer.

Yes, you can post IM threads right now. However, it's just like having OSRS and RS3 merged into the same section. It's just disorganised and can get annoying for regulars that may not play one version of the game. Better to separate them and give them their own forum to discuss the version they play. It's a lot more organised that way and if you're browsing the forum, you don't have to struggle through a load of threads for a different version of the game just to get to the threads that relate to your preferred version.

29-Mar-2019 13:49:38

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