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DracoBurnz said:
Nah I deal with enough trolls as is.

From what I know, it chalked full of them.

DracoBurnz said:
That's sad to hear:(

Hopefully he gets readded soon.

Hear its a noice place.

And you wish for this guy to get re-added to a "place chalked full of troll"? How cruel of you. Also bonus self contradiction.

Then again, you probably heard wrong anyways. Since the moderation of HLF is stricter, as evidently shown in the text you quoted:
Tophurious said:
Scouse said:
Mate, if your farts stink and you have hlf access, you get kicked out

plenty of rs3 players have already proven this by getting themselves kicked lol. there's this guy that got kicked and has tried to get added back on several occasions and failed each time. mod lee knows what he's doing.

So its safe to say the HLF, despite its lower activity, is in a decent state compared to LLF.
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