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Draco Burnz, please only post, if you have something of value to contribute to the discussion.

On topic, the intended use of the HLF has long since changed. I think introducing maxed OSRS players will help build the community there.

11-Apr-2019 10:24:51

Draco Burnz
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Tophurious said:

considering i haven't seen many problem posts in there since i gained access i'd say problem posters are dealt with well enough.

That's the thing though, its less moderated than the LLF so of course you don't see much action done.

I mean that's the whole point behind the HLF is pretty much a place of letting off more stream and whatnot than you can here.
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Support and

11-Apr-2019 10:58:28

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Scouse said:
Mate, if your farts stink and you have hlf access, you get kicked out

plenty of rs3 players have already proven this by getting themselves kicked lol. there's this guy that got kicked and has tried to get added back on several occasions and failed each time. mod lee knows what he's doing.
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13-Apr-2019 13:59:51

The Infernix
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On topic, I'm nearing maxing on OSRS, and I'd better get HLF access for it.
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13-Apr-2019 14:54:32

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