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Over the past few years there's been very little reveal as to what is going to be changed or what is going to be made. Historically any web-based projects have been kept tightly under wraps. But for what reason?

I'd like to make a plea to the web team. To start talking to us about their current and upcoming web projects. To include us in the various production stages. To gather our feedback. I understand that a number of the projects may be done for other departments, but I want to plea for the web team to encourage whoever they have to to let them talk about what projects are going out. The undisclosed MMO may of course be an exception here but the release of the mobile-friendly account recovery form is something that could have benefited with some user input.

At the moment (please correct me if I'm wrong) we don't seem to have the opportunity to feedback on how a new release looks. We can comment on things afterward, sure, but then realistically the web team will need to move on to a different project leaving only time to correct major issues and not to address other concerns or suggestions.

Looking over the events of the past year we have all learned that keeping things hidden from the players causes upset, disappointment and all sorts of negative emotions. The W&F forums have seen many passionate and enthusiastic contributors in its time but a lack of transparency and openness has, I'd argue, pushed those people away. Would you want to generate ideas for a project that you don't see any hope of becoming a reality?

Communication with the community is something which has been bolstered over the past few months - I think now is the time for the web team to follow suit.

Please be open with us and please fight for the right to talk about your projects.

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05-Dec-2017 12:45:14

Rage Paragon

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I too am beginning to wonder what part of RuneScape gets broken with each update.

So no, don't tell us. Keep us in the dark with the "surprises".
This is what people aren't getting. Some ******* "coder" releases OSBuddy or some other "helper client", people get hyped because they're stupid like sheep, and then down the road once the "helper client" has a ton of downloads he releases an "update" to hijack everyone.

07-Dec-2017 21:03:43

Yusou Bhoroi
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I agree with this, and support it.

Unfortunately, transparency is often hard to see coming, and thus it may not seem an issue to those who believe it's there.

Perhaps the lack of info on projects is due to them not wishing to promise something that they are aware they might not be able to deliver on (their joblist being erratically rearranged, re-prioritised, and added to, by those at the top; that and their jobs being the least secure, of any Mods' - or it seems so, from my perspective).

04-Jan-2018 23:19:10

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