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Hey everyone!

Looking for a clan can be really intimidating. I think the biggest concern for people is finding a community that suits you.

If you're looking for a social clan where you can build genuine friendships, then I encourage you to give New Endeavours a chance!

I joined New Endeavours at it's very start. I have seen it grow from 5 members to 146 members. I have built so many amazing friendships within this clan, and the people who I call my friends in game have also become my friends in real life. New Endeavous is a special home for those who feel different or out of place- because that's what we love most! We love what makes you YOU! If you need a community to escape to, we welcome you with open arms

Even if you don't think we're the right fit, but you want to expand your friendships- please feel free to guest in our CC or join our discord server. We host Cards Against Humanity and Town of Salem games on discord

New Endeavours is an rs3 clan. We classify ourselves as a skilling clan but we have members that do a little bit of everything! Quests, slaying, PVM. We're a melting pot of players from all around the world.

There's no current requirement to join, just bring a good attitude and an open heart!

If you have any questions feel free to message me in game or on discord
disc info Jacq970#8316

Owner: Birkern

Deputy Owners: Jacq970 and Dragnseeker

Overseer: rocksalad14

Coordinator: Dekon

Admin: MrYenen and Agralexia

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